My friend Corinne Rodrigues started a great little initiative over at her blog and invited others to participate. What one does is to write 100 words on a prompt, which Corinne releases on her 100 words post, every Saturday. The words you write can be in poem format, a story or a short essay.

Last Saturday, Corinne’s prompt was: BE CAREFUL.

So here I go…

Be Careful

Your thoughts are yours and use them wisely. When you’re not careful about your thinking, you let your imagination run wild and you feel bad about yourself. The world you live in seems like a difficult place. When you take care of your thoughts, not only do you change, but the world around you begins to look different. Observe what you think with vigilance. Be careful about what you let into your minds. When you do this with persistence and compassion, your efforts will be rewarded. For all the good things you imagine and dream of, might just come true.


Photo Credit: kirstyhall