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Massage Techniques for Speech Disorders


One of the oldest forms of treatment and healing is massage.

Just think about it… You've been working hard all day, your head is feeling tense. Your arms are aching and and your feet feel sore. Massage could help in a number of ways, such has reduce pain and tension, improve blood circulation, relieve stress; not to mention it feels good!

When you're stammering, you may be aware of tension in your face muscles, neck and chest. There are a number of ways that one can relax themselves, such as meditation, or picturing positive images . However, there are also physical ways that can help achieve a relaxed state.

Massage is such an example, and can be used for speech disorders such as stammering and others such as dysarthria (a motor speech disorder stemming from neurological injury), and dysphonia (a voice disorder).

How can massage be used?

One way is Therapeutic Speech Massage. Developed to be used along side other speech therapy, it involves massaging the muscles interconnected to the head, face, neck and shoulder muscles first. Then it works your way into these tension producing areas using special massage techniques. There is more about this approach on the British Stammering Association website if you want to find out more.

If you are interested, you can also find about Dr Elena Dyakova, the developer of this approach on her web site:

I'm quite interested by the use of massage therapy for stammering. If you are undergoing a therapy programme and you want to know more, you might like to ask your speech therapist if there are any massage options open. Let's release some tension, what do you think?

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