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Persuasive Stammering

I know you've been stuttering really hard in public, and making all the effort to do your very best.

I'm hoping that many of you may have joined in the global competition about which nation are the best at stuttering.

I'm proud to say that England is top at the moment.

However, even we have room for improvement, and our standards are real high.

Are you really convincing others that you are a good stammerer? Or are you a faker, trying to come across as a person who stutters, but end up having the impact of people not believing you?

If so, you're not being persuasive enough.

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Hiten VyasI am a Life Coach, Author & Speaker. Early on in my life I have experienced extreme amounts of fear and anxiety because of difficulties due to stammering. This pretty much crippled all aspects of my life. I entered the self-development field in 2003, and since then have changed myself into a successful individual. It is now my passion to help you overcome your own difficulties, and assist you in living the life you want and deserve. I'm the author of the eBooks entitled How to Deliver a High Impact Speech for Beginners, Lessons in Unassuming Leadership, How To Present With Confidence, Mindfulness Meditation For Everyone, Confidence With Women - How To Approach and Talk With Women, How To Overcome Job Interview Anxiety, How To Cold Call With Confidence and Say No To Exam Stress. All my eBooks are also available from Flipkart and I'm also the Founder and Managing Editor of the online magazine eBooks India.View all posts by Hiten Vyas →

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