Unhelpful thoughts only have as much power as you give them. If you give them too much importance, you reduce the chances of being the best you can be in certain situations and contexts.

There are a number of tricks from the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which you can play in your mind to overcome niggling doubts, or worries or to help ensure you’re in the best states possible in your daily life. Below are 6 tricks you can begin to use today:

Push that problem away

Problems exist in your mind because of negative thoughts you have about yourself and the world you live in. You can experience doubts, fears, frustration and anger, which keep eating away at you.

Rather than holding onto such thoughts in your mind, use your cognitive ability to push them away on the screen of you mind, so that the power they hold over you diminishes.

Just observe that negative thought as it moves further, so that you can no long see it.

Has the thought come back again? Then keep pushing it away into the distance.

Make the problem a small dot

If a thought is overbearing and you feel like it is a heavy weight on you, make it a small and little black or white dot, so that you can’t even see it.

When you make it this small, how does the significance of the thought change?

Make yourself bigger

Sometimes in your thoughts, you can see yourself. This is almost like being an actor inside a movie. If you’re looking and feeling unconfident in a thought, then make yourself taller and bigger.

Just observe how you feel when you’re now 40 foot tall and towering above everything and everyone in the thought. Now smile as you look down at your surroundings.

How does doing this make you feel?

Add the quality you want to the thought

You can change the way you feel for the better, by adding a quality (or resource) to a thought that is holding you back.

For instance, are you feeling unassertive in a thought you’re having, and feel like you need to boost your assertiveness?

Remember a time when you were assertive. Do it now, vividly as if you’re having the assertive experience again, right this minute. When those feelings of assertiveness are super strong, now apply this assertiveness to the thought you’re having.

Keep pouring the assertiveness onto the thought, until previous negative feelings about you have now been replaced with assertiveness.

Model someone else

You’re already improvising and playing different characters every day, depending on the activity you’re doing at a particular moment.

If you’re harbouring an unhelpful thought in your mind that is making you worried or leaving you feeling inadequate, then adopt the position of someone you know who can handle the situation you’re concerned about, without any problem.

Look at the world through that person’s eyes. Adopt the body language, words and behaviours of that person.

Notice how your confidence levels change and how what you do changes when you’ve modelled another person.

Create a New You

If a particular thought is causing you problems, then become the complete opposite of who you are and what you’re doing in that thought.

You can do this by creating an image in your mind of the perfect you, who wouldn’t have any issue with dealing with the problem you’re facing.

Once you have created a really juicy image of you, keep bringing this image to the fore of your mind, so that you what you do is from the position of this new you.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• In what other ways can we use our ability to imagine and think to change the way we feel?
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Photo Credit: Aming01