Life is full of ups and downs. However, it’s possible to have more ups than the downs. A lot of the downs can stem from myths you’ve bought into but usually aren’t true. Below are six myths that might be preventing you from reaching your true potential.

The ‘I can’t change’ myth

Many people think personality is locked. Perhaps you do. I hear it all the time, usually from people who’ve never really engaged in any serious self-development.

I beg to differ greatly. People all over the world are creating changes in their lives every day, which includes learning new skills and behaviours and adapting their characteristics. Just like others can change dispite difficult circumstances, so can you.

The ‘I don’t have it in me’ myth

This is similar to the first one, but differs in one big way – that you believe change is available to everyone except you. This is a self-esteem issue. If you believe you can change, then the framework for changing yourself is already there. You do have it in you to change. Just use some courage which is already in you and dare to be different to what you normally do or say.

The ‘I don’t have time’ myth

Yes, you’re busy with work and have other people to support. However, are you saying you can’t even find 1 hour in your weekly schedule, to do an activity that will progress your inner growth? If so, you might want to analyse where the belief that you don’t have enough time, is coming from. Most likely you’re creating excuses and procrastinating due to some underlying fear.

The ‘I don’t have the right background’ myth

You have a background and history just like all of us do. However, your background doesn’t define what you can do and/or what you can become now and in the future. Instead of looking at your background as a barrier to what you can achieve, use it to extract out sources of strength, which you can build upon to create the life story you’ve dreamed of.

The ‘I have to do everything perfectly’ myth

This myth is completely false. It is unreal because there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ . Trying to be perfect is a state of mind born out of fear of not being good enough. When you were young, if elders told you to always be perfect, they might have wanted you to be the best you could, yet the words they were using were unwise. Instead of striving for an ideal that doesn’t exist, aim for becoming highly skilled and competent.

The ‘if I achieve/get something, then I’ll be happy’ myth

Developing yourself and growing your confidence is a wonderful thing to do. It makes your life enjoyable. As you do, you will believe in yourself more and one of the by-products will be the attainment of material items. However, remember, that although the feeling from achieving will be a good one, it won’t last long. Before you know it, you’ll be worrying about something else.

This is the way the mind works. Therefore, learn to appreciate what you already have, no matter how small you might believe it to be and find joy in the simpler things in life. Doing so will give you the ability to always have a sense of satisfaction for what you have, at any point in your life.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• What other myths hold us back in life?
• What can we do to dispel such myths?
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Photo Credit: Keng Susumpow