Do you find yourself constantly on the go, and you feel anxious and stressed? If so, learning to be mindful can be a great way to relax from your daily, hectic schedule. Below are seven ways you can live more mindfully.

1. Do your activities slowly

Your day will most likely consist of a number of activities mainly to do with your work and your family and friends. Do you tasks slowly and deliberately. In effect, give your entire focus to what it is you’re doing and take your time to do so.

2. Do one thing before starting another

Multitasking is a great skill to have. However, if doing many activities at once leaves you feeling overwhelmed then it’s not really helping you. Instead, attend to one thing until you have completed it, before moving onto another.

3. Take time to focus on your breathing

Mindfulness Meditation involves observing your breathing go and in out, while observing thoughts and emotions arising and passing, without getting attached to them. Spend 5-10 minutes every day observing your respiration like this and notice what it is like to be totally in the present moment.

4. Eat slower

Have you ever sat down for dinner, but all you can think of is work or some other issue troubling you? A way to counter this is to eat slowly and taste the food you’re eating. Notice the texture of the food in your mouth, and how hot or cold it is. Observe what it feels like as you swallow the food.

5. Reduce your agenda

One frame of mind you can get into is thinking you have to do everything all at once. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is always time to do what you want to, and the plan to do so can be spread over an extended period of time. By reducing your daily activities, you will feel less tense as there is less for you to do. Also, you end up doing what you’re doing, better.

6. Watch those thoughts about the past and the future

If you’re mind is occupied with thoughts about the past or the future, then it will not be resting. Instead let the past remain in the past and let the future happen in the present, the only time when it really can happen.

7. Learn to accept change

Emotional turmoil occurs when you resist change . This can be resisting variations in your moods. It could be fighting undesirable events that happen in your life. It makes no sense to fight change, as it will always happen. Instead, accept whatever emerges in your inner world in terms of thoughts and emotions, and in the outside world, too. Work with what happens. Doing so will enable you to notice how things are always in a state of flux. Subsequently, you give yourself the opportunity to use what happens in your life as a source to get done what you want to.

My friends, it’s over to you:

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Photo Credit: Angela Schmeidel Randall