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Interview with Joe Wilner of Shake off the Grind

Today I’m delighted to share a recent interview I did with Joe Wilner, a top class life coach, whom I greatly admire. In the interview, Joe shares his experiences with coaching and blogging, gives advice on how we can improve our lives and explains how his new e-course called Unstoppable Confidence can help people. Read on to find out more: …

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How the Answers to Your Problems are Already in You

If you’re feeling stuck in life, then seeking help really is the sensible thing to do. Friends, family, coaches, books, …

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Living Life as If Today Is Your Last Day

If you’re finding it challenging to create change in your life, one way might just give you the incentive you …

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Why It Pays To Ask

Do you want to make progress in your life, but feel overwhelmed by all that you have to do? Do …

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How to Become a Non-Fiction eBook Writer

I love writing and selling non-fiction eBooks, especially those for the self-help area. Perhaps you too want to write your …

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Why a New Year Can Be the Start of the Rest of Your Life

It’s New Year’s Eve and 2014 is just hours away! Are you excited about the New Year? Or are you …

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Why Difficulties Are Really Not That Bad

When you’re in the midst of a difficulty; whether in your personal or professional life, you can feel like there’s …

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How to Keep Your Ego in Check for 2014

With 2014 not too far away, Ihope you’ve got some exciting plans in place for your personal growth and development. …

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How to Keep On Progressing In Life

So, you’ve made some great strides in your life. It could be working on overcoming a particular challenge at work, …

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How To Build Confidence

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. …

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How Being an Introvert Can Help You to Lead

Do you consider yourself an introvert who wants to lead, be it a business, a charity, a club, or perhaps …

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