When meeting and interacting with people whether in our professional or personal life, let’s face it, we get judged. For instance, people will judge us on the way we look and how we behave. We do it with other people, too. Therefore, in order to create a good and lasting impression, use the following tips to help you present yourself in a likable way:

Cooperate with others

Your life will flow much more naturally when you cooperate with people and agree to suggestions and ideas presented to you, and build upon them by adding your own views. Not only will this help in your interactions with people, it will also enable you to increase your productivity when you’re getting tasks done at work and at home, because others will be more cooperative about your ideas and plans.

Tell people a little about yourself

When you’re having conversations with people, tell them a little about the real you. By this, I don’t mean tell anyone your personal details. However, sharing a story about yourself at the right moment that another can relate to, will do wonders in making you more likable.

Be mindful of the bragging

You may think that telling stories about your flash car or the huge amounts of money you’ve been making recently might impress people. Sure enough some people might be. However, many people will see right through this and instead of being likable, you run the risk of coming across as insecure.

Wear the right clothes

Appropriate clothes are dependent on contexts. If you’re in a professional setting then ensure you’re wearing decent business attire. If you’re in a social context then less formal clothing is fine. To be on the safe side, if you’re going into a new setting, find out all you can about the type of clothing that will be appropriate, so that you can dress accordingly.

Don’t try and be what you’re not

There are a number of characteristics you have, which when you bring to the fore, will make you charming in your own way. Use what you already have, as opposed to being something you’re not. For instance, if you’re not someone who cracks a joke every other sentence, then don’t try and be this person. At some point you will lose all energy to keep up the act and when people find out the real you, you’ll come across as unauthentic.

Be courteous

In general, be respectful of other people. As simple as this might be, remember to say “please” and “thank you” when asking and receiving. If you see someone struggling with something and know you can help, then offer to do so. Also, if you’re arriving into an environment and its morning, wish other people you see a good day, or if you’re leaving then wish people a good evening. Such simple comments can increase your sense of warmth, which other people will pick up on.

Admit when you’ve got it wrong

If you’ve made a mistake and it has impacted another person then tell the individual you’re sorry and will ensure the same won’t happen again. Being able to admit to your mistakes is the mature thing to do. Trying to lay blame or pass the responsibility onto someone else, is an easy option to take. However, it is something that a child might do, not a grown adult.

Over to you my friends:

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Photo Credit: CarbonNYC