When you want to make progress in any aspect of your life, be it professional or social, you will at times be rejected. We’ve all been rejected at one time or another. Our ideas at work might get rejected. Our business proposition might get turned way. We might even get rejected in our love lives.

However, rejection isn’t something to be deflated about. Below are some tips on how you deal with rejection:

Take some time to reflect

If another person rejects you about something, it’s always worth spending some time reflecting what happened, objectively. Think about what you said and consider specific incidents of how you behaved, which may have caused the other person to reject you. By doing so, you give be able to change your approach the next time, so that you’re constantly learning and improving.

Ask for feedback

If you really want to increase the amount you learn during a rejection, ask others for feedback on the reasons for the rejection. When other people give you feedback in a constructive way, it can be a very powerful confidence boost and provide vital information for next time.

Apply the feedback

Next time you take similar action, ensure you use the information from the feedback you gained, both through reflecting on yourself and the feedback you got from other people. This is important to do as you want to ensure you don’t keep making the same mistakes.

Are you sure it’s even about you?

Another way you can use to deal with rejection is to consider whether it even has anything to do with you. What other issues and priorities might the person who turned you down be dealing with, which could explain the rejection?

Channel your feelings

Rejection never feels nice. Rather than allowing yourself to remain down through negative feelings, channel these feelings into those of determination to get what you want and bounce right back.

Congratulate yourself

Remember, by wanting approval for an idea, or by asking for something, you did the brave thing. Without asking you will never get. Even if you were rejected on this occasion, at least you gave it go. Congratulate yourself for doing so.

Redirect your thoughts

It can be easy to replay the event where you were rejected over in your mind. By doing so, you can end up feeling the unhelpful feelings associated with the particular occasion all over again. Your thoughts will impact how you feel. When you catch you mind going to the rejection again, send it to other places, such as thoughts of how much you already have in your life and can be grateful for.

Resist getting angry

When you get rejected, it can be easy to get angry or upset at the person who has done the rejection. Rather than choosing to get angry, choose to remain calm instead. Unhelpful emotions directed at others means you give up your responsibility for the way you think and feel. Instead, use the rejection as an opportunity to grow and develop your own inner strength.

My friends, it’s over to you:

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Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass