One of the biggest factors that will hamper your progress in life is self-doubt. It can eat away at your confidence and make you believe you can’t achieve what you want to. If you’re finding you’re doubting your abilities, the following tips will help you:

Be kind on yourself

Self-doubt is an emotion that doesn’t feel good. With such emotions your natural reaction can be to want those to go away, so that you feel balanced again. In order to deal with self-doubt though, you need to accept first of all that it is there.

Next, rather than be hard on yourself, show compassion. Understand that the doubt is trying to protect you. It could from an unfamiliar environment or an activity you might never have done before, or have not carried out many times.

Ignore it

You can deal with self-doubt by ignoring it. Whenever you experience doubt, acknowledge that it is there and continue with the activity you’re doing, anyway. This may sound easier said than done. However, it can be achieved.

Remember, doubt is a normal human emotion and you don’t need to pay attention to any emotion you experience, unless you want to.

Have faith in yourself

Faith is a powerful emotion to counter doubt. What do you have faith in? Maybe it’s your faith in God, or the Universe, your family; perhaps it’s your pet. Think of what you have faith in and notice how this faith feels throughout your body. Once you experience this faith use it to do what you have doubts about.

Doubt the self-doubt

Ok, so you’re experiencing self-doubt, right? It feels strong and its making you worry. How about if you experience the same level of doubt about the self-doubt you’re having?

When you doubt that your self-doubt even exists, notice how it helps you to actually believe more in yourself.

Sleep on it

If you’ve come to the end of the day, and have been struggling to solve a problem, you might begin to doubt if you can solve it. If this happens, then stop what you’re doing, take your attention to something else, and get a good night’s sleep.

Come back to the problem the next morning refreshed, and see how the answer to the problem will magically appear.

Allow yourself

Self-doubt usually has corresponding internal thoughts and language. You might tell yourself things like “I can’t do it”, or “I’m not good enough”. Remember, that not only can you tell yourself negative statements that further your doubt; you can also tell yourself positive words that allow you to see possibilities.

Tell yourself that “I give myself permission to try this and see what happens.” If you listen to self-doubt and allow it to prevent you from taking action, you lose.

If on the other hand you give yourself permission to try out something new, then you always win, no matter the outcome. This is because you’re allowing yourself to have a new experience and positive experiences which are unfamiliar means your growth will further.

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