The UK has been basking in glorious sunshine for the past 15 days and more is set to continue next week. The holiday season is well and truly here.

You may be going on holiday soon. Perhaps you’re on one at the moment. We all deserve a decent break over the summer, and it’s great to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

However, a vacation can often create anxiety and worry both before and after you return. If you’re concerned with negative feelings around your holiday, or at the prospect of experiencing them, then the following tips will help you:

Accept that it will come to an end

Ever experienced post-vacation blues, where your plane is about to land in your native country or your car has just turned into your drive after a week away on the coast, and there is a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach? This is from knowing that your holiday as come to an end.

Well, this is caused by resistance to change. Remind yourself before you even go on your vacation that it will end, just like everything else, which is governed by the natural law of arising and passing. This way you will be expecting that an end has to come, rather than wishing it never does.

Maintain balance of your mind

We all like pleasant experiences such as wonderful vacations. However, in general we want to avoid unpleasant experiences like getting back into our daily routines. Whether the experience is good, or bad, it is the same. By looking at your holiday experience objectively and also how you feel once you return in the same way, you won’t get too attached to the pleasant emotions or the undesirable ones. This will help your mind to remain balanced.

Leave your work alone

When you go on holiday, take a total pause from your work. Only by doing this, will you actually be able to rest and enjoy your holiday. Otherwise, your attention will remain focused on work and this is not really taking a proper holiday is it?

If you really do need to work while on holiday, then set a certain period of time during the day to deal with phone calls and e-mails and stick to it.

Take a day or a two get back into it

If you’re schedule allows it, extend your holiday for a day or two when you get back. Although holidays can be relaxing, if you’ve been travelling across the world, then your body will need some time to get settled back into the particular time in your country. Some extra time at home can also act as peaceful rest before getting back into work.

Continue with activities you enjoyed

If there was a particular activity you enjoyed doing on your break, and if you can continue doing so when you get back, then make effort to do so. For example if you tried salsa dancing while on your vacation, then join a class when you get back. Such activities you do on holiday and continue on your return are wonderful ways to remain occupied and to increase your happiness.

My friends, it’s over to you:

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