If your work involves developing new business, making business calls such as cold calls might be something you have to do. Making calls to people you don’t know might be challenging for you. Below are some tips you can use to help you pick up the phone and start making calls.

Grab a quiet meeting room and make your calls

Cold calling is about confidence. A great way to increase your confidence is to make a list of companies you want to call, grab a quiet meeting room at the office and make your calls. This way you get to practice and you won’t be self-conscious about other colleagues sitting around you and listening to your calls. Doing this also helps you to develop your pitch and what you say to potential clients on the phone.

Observe an experienced colleague make business calls

One of the most effective ways of learning is through observing others. You can improve your ability to make cold calls by asking a more experienced colleague to sit with you for half an hour and watch him or her make some cold calls. You can then model your colleague when you sit down and make calls by yourself. If your colleague is especially good, you can even imagine you are your colleague when you make your own calls.

Have a good, confident introduction ready

What makes cold calls easier is having an assertive introduction ready to say as soon as the person you’re calling picks up the phone. This could be something, “good afternoon, my name is John Davies and I’m calling from an ABC Limited”. A confident introduction will put you in good shape for the rest of the call.

Have ready the reason why you’re calling

In order to continue with a confident business call, have ready the reason why you’re calling. If your company develops products for the sector of the company you’re calling, explain what your company does and ask whether the person you’re talking with wants to know more. If he or she says yes, then you can continue with your pitch.

End the call with an action

The purpose of a business call is to get an opportunity to talk further about what you can offer to the company you’re talking with. In order to do this, arrange a face to face meeting at the end of the call or a further longer call at a later date. At the very least agree to send further material about what your company can offer to the individual via e-mail.

Confirm the meeting with an e-mail

If you arranged a face to face meeting, right after the call, send an e-mail to the person you were talking with, thanking them for their time, confirming your meeting date and time. End your message by telling him or her you look forward to meeting them.

Continue learning from your calls

Cold calling gets easier and your competence increases through practice. After each call, reflect for a short period about how the call went, what you said and how the person you were talking with responded. Make a note of how you can adapt your style the next time you make a call, so that you are continuously learning from your experiences.

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