Today I’m delighted to share a recent interview I did with Joe Wilner, a top class life coach, whom I greatly admire. In the interview, Joe shares his experiences with coaching and blogging, gives advice on how we can improve our lives and explains how his new e-course called Unstoppable Confidence can help people. Read on to find out more:

1. Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into life coaching.

Hiten, first off thanks for having me and taking the time to do this interview.

Life-coaching was something that I stumbled upon by accident. I studied psychology in college and was on track to become a licensed therapist before I ever even knew that personal coaching existed as a profession. I always wanted to help people and do something meaningful to impact peoples’ lives, so I figured therapy was a great route to take.

Once I learned about coaching however, and how inspiring the coaching process can be, I knew I wanted to learn more and start working with people in this capacity. I started learning more and taking different trainings, some good, some not so good, and ultimately cultivated my own style and methodologies to help people deal with important life changes and start creating the life they desire. At this point I generally work with people going through life-transitions, such as career change or overall lifestyle shifts, and helping them navigate these changes and create new possibilities for their life.

2. You run a very popular personal development blog. How do you help people through your blog?

Shake off the Grind started as a site to help people with career success and to find work that is meaningful to them. Over the past few years it has transformed into an overall platform that helps people thrive when they’re up and survive when they’re down. More specifically, the site focuses on how to overcome challenges and obstacles people may be facing, so they can begin living with greater purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. This is done through weekly articles, as well as some products and services.

3. Please share 3 of your favourite ways to help people live more successfully.

This is a great question! I will break it down into three simple ideas – purpose, power, and presence.

Purpose – Uncovering what is most important to you. What are your values? What are you passionate about? What is it that gives you a sense of meaning and significance?

Power – Having a sense that you can do what needs to be done. This is all about taking action, feeling a sense of momentum and velocity in the direction you want your life to go.

Presence – Living today and experiencing life fully right now! You probably have goals and aspirations but you can still find contentment and joy in the moment. Just relax, live in the moment, and be grateful for what you do have as you embark on your life’s journey.

When people have a sense of purpose, feel personal power, and live with presence they are more able to reach toward their potential.

4. How did the idea for your Becoming Unstoppable Course come about?

I notice from my own experience and from many of the blog readers that failure and self-doubt is a common obstacle. We all will face adversity at one point or another, and our response to this adversity can be a major turning point in our life.

When things don’t go as we planned it can be a common response to give-up and throw away our dream – to hold back and settle for less because we don’t believe we are really capable. I got tired of giving-up and taking failure personally.

I want to help people develop a different relationship with failure, and learn that it is an inevitable and important part of reaching the success and significance we desire. This course was created to help people deal more effectively with these difficult times in life.

5. In what ways does your Become Unstoppable Course help people?

The course helps people develop and learn about how to become more mentally tough. In other words, it helps people learn skills and principles to live with more resilience, girt, and determination. If someone is facing doubt and discouragement right now, the course is created to be a support and training to build their mental muscles so they can handle rejection, adversity, and failure without getting derailed and thrown off course.

So, it is created for those people who are going through a difficult transition or struggling to reach their goals, and need some support to keep a positive attitude, stay enthusiastic, grow their confidence, and live with a more optimistic outlook.

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About Joe Wilner:

Joe_WilnerJoe is a Life-transition coach and psychotherapist who works with people wanting to navigate change and begin living with greater purpose, power, and presence. He writes at shakeoffthegrind.com where he helps people thrive when they’re up and survive when they’re down, and is the creator of the “Becoming Unstoppable” course, which is a twelve-week e-course to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.