Have you ever dreamt of leading?

Perhaps it’s leading a business, or a charity group, or leading the organisation of an event. The good news is you can. Leaders are made and not born. In order to become a leader, there are some distinct leadership qualities that you need and which you can develop:

Ability to inspire

Leadership begins with your vision of the world you want to see. You will also need to share your vision with other people including your followers, your employees, team and partners in such a way that they are inspired to become a part of what you are doing.

You can do this by ensuring what you say and what you do demonstrates passion, professionalism, courage and respect for others, so that your people are inspired to believe in your values and want to model and emulate you.

Solution oriented

When a problem does occur as it will in an endeavour, a true leader will never dwell on the problem and move straight into finding a solution.

The way you can do this is to have an attitude that welcomes problems, expect them to happen and switch your mind to problem solving, so that you’re constantly looking for answers.

Knows when to lead and when not to

Being able to pass over leadership to members of your team and your partners when it is appropriate to do so is an important quality of a decent leader. This means trusting your people and knowing when a person is in a position where he/she can take on the responsibility you want to pass on, or whether the individual is still at a point where he/she needs you to lead them.

You can get better at this through spending time with your people, finding out what they enjoy doing and what activities they are resistant about. You can also determine their level of confidence by observing their reactions to your requests.

Being committed

As a leader you need your vision to be super strong in your mind and through your actions. By being committed to your cause, your followers will also see your commitment and you will gain trust from them. You can do this by working hard yourself and alongside your followers.

Being committed also means honouring your promises. If you have told a follower or a customer you will personally do something then do it. Your integrity will increase in the eyes of your followers.

Give back

Leadership isn’t a one way thing, where you get people to do for you and you never do anything in return. If you want to be a leader that really makes a change, you need to make a real difference in the lives of others. This will attract people to your cause and vision.

You can do this by getting involved in community projects, mentoring people in less fortunate positions and leading free workshops on areas of interest to people in your area.

Friends, it’s over to you:

  • What other qualities do you think make a leader?
  • What would we have to do to develop such qualities?
  • Please share your valuable views, experiences and thoughts in the comments box below.
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