If you’re finding it challenging to create change in your life, one way might just give you the incentive you need to get up, take action and do things differently – living each day like it was your last.

Why can it be helpful to do this? Well, so many of your problems can be caused by worrying about issues you experienced in the past, having experiences you don’t like in the present and through worrying and be concerned about the future.

However, if you lived your life everyday like it was your last; do you think you would experience even half the problems you currently do?

Check out the following tips to learn how living like today is your last day can actually help you:

No fear

Do you live your life in fear of not doing what it is that you want to? Are you worried about making a fool out of yourself, or being overly concerned about what others think of you?

Well, imagine if today was your last day on Earth. Do you think you would pay much attention to an unreal fear trying to hold you back?

I don’t think you would.

Just enjoyment

Are you in a position where you find it difficult to enjoy your life?

Perhaps you’re so discontent with what you’re doing this moment, your imagination is leading you to some pleasurable event that might happen in the future.

If today was your last one, do you think you might quickly look to enjoy and find joy in what you’re doing right now, no matter how mundane the activity?


Today there will be people you will come across in your environment. Let’s say you end up with a person you don’t get on with much.

If your time was coming to an end this very day, do you think your mind would be able to carry even a minute piece of resentment towards this individual?

Or do you think all you would feel is love for this person, who is most likely the last person you’ll ever see? I think it would be love. What about you?

Go out with a bang

If today was your last day, then surely you would want to go out in style. Therefore, whatever you’re doing, how can you do this one activity so well that people would tell stories about it?

And as I explained earlier in this post, even if the activity you’re doing is simple, I wonder how you might do it with some style?


When those close to us are about to leave, unless they’re in a lot of pain through illness and injury, they’re usually peaceful during their last days.

If you were living today like it was your last day, then I’m guessing if you had a choice between experiencing peace, or worry, you would select peace.

How can you bring more peace into your life, this very moment?


If today was your last living day, I’m sure you would want to leave behind one act of good work. It could be doing a service to another person; it might be as simple as being present with someone to help them deal with a difficulty he or she is experiencing.

Therefore, what service will you choose to do today?

My friends, it’s over to you:

• In what other ways can living our lives like today is our last day, help us to be better people?
• Please share your valuable views, experiences and thoughts in the comments box below.
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Photo Credit: asgw