We as humans have the amazing ability to think and imagine. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we entertain negative thoughts that hinder us in life, rather than help us to move forward. Are you currently experiencing such thoughts? If so, below are some tips on how you can change them:

Challenging them

Negative thoughts usually are habits you’ve got into. Things happen in the outside world and you respond with certain thinking patterns. Similarly, you can have unhelpful thoughts in your mind and other negative thoughts in response to those. You can challenge these responses by asking yourself whether you have to respond to a particular situation with a negative thought. What would happen if instead, you used your power to choose your response, and chose an empowering thought to respond with?

Cease judging negative thoughts

When you have a negative thought, it gains power over you when you identify with it. If you label a thought as being painful or scary then it becomes so. By just allowing the thought to arise and bravely watching it from a distance, it loses its power over you.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

When you have a negative thought, you can quickly replace it for a positive one. This is a habit you can create. For instance, let’s say you have a meeting at work and you have a thought about not being confident during it. You can quickly switch this thought for one where you were confident in a particular situation. It might be of a time during another meeting, or it could be in another context. This will help to reinforce that there have been occasions in your life, when you experienced the very same emotion you currently think you will be unable to have.

Surround yourself with the right people

Negative people usually have negative thoughts, which then manifest in their behaviours. By hanging around with such people, their behaviour will rub off on you and impact your mood, along with your thoughts. Surround yourself with people who think well and are actually going places in life. It will help in changing your thoughts and attitudes, for the better.

Be grateful for what you have

Get in tune with what you already have. You’re living. You have a family, friends, work, clothes, and food and so on. These are things to be grateful of. Many people don’t have what you have. By being grateful for what you have, you will entertain thoughts of gratitude.

Apply an adult frame to the thought

Another technique you can use is to observe a negative thought from the position of being a resourceful and mature adult. Negative thoughts can be full or fear, worry or even helplessness. Now, when you look at such thoughts from the perspective of a fully grown adult, which you are, and as someone who has the ability to solve problems, how does it change the unhelpful thought?

Learn how to stop thinking so much

You can also learn the ability to stop thinking as much as you currently do. You can do this through meditation and focusing your attention on something else, such as your breathing so that you mind is occupied with doing something else, rather than thinking.

My friends, it’s over to you:

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Photo Credit: Sam Howzit