“A strong belief in yourself and your abilities provides a firm foundation to achieve success.”

~ Amey Hegde

I absolutely love inspiring and empowering quotes by people who lived previously and those who are here now. Such quotes are a great source for us to gain motivation, inspiration and hope that we too can live happy and successful lives.

Indeed, at their most profound, a few words can have the potential to change our whole life.

So, I was thrilled when the renowned Corporate Behavioural Trainer, Amey Hegde sent me a copy of his eBook entitled Inspire to Reach Higher: A-Z Empowering Quotes that I.N.S.P.I.R.E, which is dedicated to illustrating the most powerful quotes by both famous people, and those who are relatively unknown.

The eBook itself is split into numerous chapters. Each chapter heading is a particular type of category and contains quotes from people on that particular category.

Examples of chapter headings include the following: ‘Attitude’, ‘Belief’, ‘Change’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Excellence’, ‘Focus’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Time Management’ etc.

These are just a snapshot of the chapter headings in the eBook and there are many, many more.

The book has a quite brilliant start with Amey setting the scene, by telling a story about his aunt’s uncle in the United States, who once said an empowering statement to another person, who at that time was conflicted about his current job role.

This person really took on board what Amey’s aunt’s uncle had told him. Some years later contacted him again to tell him how those words literally changed the direction of his career in the United States.

After this beginning the main chapters begin and there are quotes littered in each of the chapters.

In general, the quotes are amazing. I was feeling quite uplifted when reading through them. It is clear that Amey has carefully handpicked each one to ensure, they fully and powerfully represent each chapter heading.

You can expect to read quotes by individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jim Rohn, Mother Teresa, Brian Tracy, Dale Carnegie, Paulo Coelho, Robin Sharma, Daniel Goleman, and Zig Ziglar.

Where the real power in the eBook comes from I believe, are the quotes by Amey himself.

“Dare to dream big and to take the required actions to bring your big dreams into reality.”

~ Amey Hegde

One of my favourite chapters in the eBook is on the topic of ‘Excellence’. It includes quotes by Aristotle and Samual Johnson.

This chapter was a fantastic reminder to me, how one need not be too worried about not being able to do any activity well… yet, as excellence is formed through habit and in essence is the result of a journey where we give our best.

“When you focus your efforts, you develop laser-like energy to cut through any task.”

~ Amey Hegde

Equally good is the chapter on ‘Focus’ and the quotes in this chapter demonstrate how strong and uninterrupted focus on the task at hand, are a firm basis for high performance and achievement.

Another chapter that I could really resonate with was the one on ‘Never Give Up’. This has some quite outstanding quotes to help you continue with your journey, especially when it seems like it is getting tough.

As I mentioned earlier, there are numerous more chapters each containing brilliant quotes.

To end then with this brief review, let me take you back to the title of Amey’s eBook:

Inspire to Reach Higher – A-Z Empowering Quotes that I.N.S.P.I.R.E

The I.N.S.P.I.R.E in the title stands for the following:

I nfuse positive energy and zest for life

N urture new ideas and visions

S ummarize complex concepts and ideologies

P rovide us with a new perspective of seeing things

I nspire us to have dreams

R eveal the mindsets of successful people

E ncourage us in times of despair

Does Amey’s eBook succeed in doing this?

It certainly does!

For this reason, I truly recommend it. You can pick up a copy of it at the main eBook page.

I would like to congratulate Amey on his fantastic eBook and wish him great success.


My friends, it’s over to you.

How have empowering quotes helped you in your life? Which quote(s) have really made an impact for you? Please share your valuable views and comments in the box below.