I’m currently going through the ‘Overcoming Fear: Sticking It to What’s Holding You Back eBook and Audio Program’ and wanted to write a review on what I’ve covered so far.

The program has been created in collaboration between Justin Mazza the personal development coach, Mohamed Tohami who is renowned for his interviews with successful people and Lisa H. Wright, the mother, blogger, runner and happiness seeker.

The program is made up of the following:

1. A 49 Page eBook entitled ‘Overcoming Fear: Sticking It to What’s Holding You Back’.

2. 4 audio interviews with top experts.

3. 2 free bonus eBooks entitled ‘The Guide to Being Human Pt 1’ and ‘Get out of your own way: an original workbook for inspiring change’.

Below are my thoughts on what I’ve read and heard so far.

The main eBook

The eBook has a very interesting beginning and the first chapter is devoted to explaining how we as humans are born into a world and have been indoctrinated by the society to be in a certain way, to act in a certain way and how the seeds of personal limitations are created at this time.

The second chapter is a powerful one and helps you to reignite your dreams and to appreciate that time doe’s move on, and to use having less time as a motivator to get into action.

One aspect I liked is the explanation, that although it may be too late to do certain things such as becoming a professional sports star, you could become a coach, as an example of how you can still achieve some of your dream now.

Chapter 3 then goes into fear and expertly explains the different types of fear. When I was reading, I could appreciate all the types explained. Chapter 4 proceeds to discuss that what could be keeping us back in life is a fear we might just succeed at what we want to do. I agree totally.

Chapter 5 is an excellent explanation on how fear is related to underlying beliefs and how fear allows us to become aware we have such beliefs in the first place.

The next chapter contains many nuggets of wisdom and explains how we should allow ourselves to dream again like we did as kids, look for happiness from within, move on from the past, and be grateful for what we already have.

The eBook then proceeds in the following chapter to explain further how the universe is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to, and what really hit it home for me was to understand how the world will not wait for us. It will keep changing. We can decide to change too. However, the world will not wait for us.

Chapter 8 explains how to rather than resist what you don’t want as this is how we create pain, is to instead shift our focus totally to where we currently are, and to let go of expectation.

The next chapter gives practical ways of how you can use fear to demonstrate courage such as not hesitating for too long, as this gives time to our minds to rationalise the fear and reasons for why we shouldn’t proceed.

Rather than doing this, you can train your mind to act quickly in those situations where you would usually hesitate, and act on the desire of the present moment without letting worries about the future start.

The book proceeds to discuss worry as also being a form and explains useful ways to deal with this such as embracing uncertainty, which are normal aspects of everyday life. Included, are a great set of questions you can ask yourself to help you become more comfortable with uncertainty.

It teaches to stop comparing yourself to others and remain focused on you and what you are doing and to take small steps when working on overcoming your fears.

The book ends with a list of great things you can do to step out of your comfort zone, practical ways of first establishing limiting beliefs you may have about yourself and then replacing them with more empowering ones.

Audio Interview with Guy Finley

The audio interview I’ve heard so far is conducted by Mohamed Tohami with the world famous and best-selling self-realization author Guy Finley. This interview is around 1 hour along and below I’m writing just a very brief overview of it.

Guy talks about his life and how he hadn’t set out to be successful.

He was born in a successful family. He grew up with people who were successful and saw them treat others badly and witnessed a lot of self-centred activity. He knew there was something wrong with the world he lived in. He expected these successful people to be more compassionate, but rather they were the opposite.

He talks about his intense love of music and how it allowed him to express his emotions.

Guy explains how he was a successful composer. In the eyes of others it was making him a success. However, it wasn’t bringing him contentment. Guy realised the more he got, he didn’t get free.

He then quit the music business and travelled to the Far East and India and met people who could shed light on the contradiction he witnessed in his life.

He teaches to firstly seek the truth of ourselves, and how dissatisfaction arises when we try and look for ourselves in all the wrong places, i.e. outside of ourselves. He explains how intrinsic value of a human being is found in the heart and mind of a person and in relation to what is divine.

He talks about fear which tries to crush love. One particular thing he mentions really struck a chord with me. He says to not listen to the negativity of the past. People act from the love of what they do and if they persist, they will realise nothing can get in their way.

He discusses how all negative thoughts and feelings are lies and if there is a wish for you to make a change, the divine in us will create the opportunity to change.

What I liked was how Guy explains resistance. For instance he talks about how an event happens and we judge it as being bad. At this moment something deep inside us resists that moment. This resistance is the father of the fear that takes control of our life.

Wrap up

I still have 3 other audios to go through and read the 2 free bonus eBooks.

However, from what I’ve gone through so far, it is clear this is a solid program based upon years of experience of the creators. It is full of high quality practical advice, which when applied in life will no doubt help people overcome their individual fears.

For this reason, I can definitely recommend the program. You can find out more and order the program at this page.


My friends, it’s over to you.

How has fear held you back in life? What was the fear about and what did you do do to overcome it?  Please share your valuable views and comments in the box below.