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NLP Presuppositions Part 1

Tweet I first encountered the amazing field of NLP in my early twenties. I did a search for NLP and …

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Amazon Kindle 2 Wireless EBook Reader

eBooks for People Who Stutter/Stammer – The NLP Series

Tweet I will be very soon launching, a series of eBooks specifically for people who stutter (stammer), based upon the …

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SPEAK from the HEART: A true manual in the art of public speaking

Tweet   “I am convinced that when you SPEAK from the HEART you give yourself over to a higher power. …

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Justin Mazza reviews EmpowerHour coaching!

Tweet I had the pleasure to connect with the highly respected personal development coach Justin Mazza towards the end of …

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Stuttering Hub connects with

Tweet Dia Thabet is a renowned personal development coach, author and consultant; having been involved in the area of self-development …

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Bouncing Back from Interview Rejections

Tweet With the current economic climate, jobs are difficult to get. As a person who stutters you may be finding …

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Happy Couple

Becoming an Attractive Stutterer

Tweet I was inspired to write this post after a thread started by a friend on the Stuttering Arena Group …

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