I’ve always had an interest in entrepreneurship. I believe it goes back to the days when I was learning to cope with stammering and I always looked at entrepreneurs and thought I could never do that.

Afterall, entrepreneurs had to have confidence and be able to communicate well; neither of these traits I believed I had.

However, not wanting stuttering to stop me from my life dreams, I’m glad that I’ve been able to practice the art of entrepreneurship with the development and launch of the Stuttering Mentor online coaching program for people who stammer. Fortunately, I’ve been able to do it in an area I feel very passionate about – assisting people who stammer in overcoming their fears and help them live the lives they want and deserve.

My journey in this area continues…

You too may have ambitions to start a business. However, you might be allowing your stammering to stop you.
The truth is people who stutter can learn a number of things from entrepreneurs. This can in turn help you become an entrepreneur or just help you make progress in your life.

Below are some of the key traits that entrepreneurs have and underneath each is an explanation, of how you as a person who stammers, can also have the same characteristic should you wish to give yourself permission to have it.

Entrepreneurs are the dreamers of this world

Entrepreneurs know they have the ability to imagine what they want and are not afraid use this ability. This could be imaging a new product they want to develop helping numerous people and business do their work more efficiently, while at the same creating creating jobs and making money in the process.

In the same way you also have the ability to imagine. You can dream. Sure you might stammer, but no one can take away your ability to imagine the life you want. Before we want anything in life, we must imagine it. Even if it seems unattainable at first. How can you attain it if you never even allow yourself to imagine having it? The key trick is to vividly imagine those things that you want in life positively, and get yourself in the right frame of mind to make changes.

Entrepreneurs also act

This is key trait that separates entrepreneurs from many people. They don’t just dream and imagine. Doing so would be wasteful activity, unless something happened. And that’s what entrepreneurs do. They take action to make their dreams come true.

So, you too must act, if you are to make what you imagine a reality. For instance imagining you are confident is just the beginning. It’s the seed. Now it must grow and to do this, you need to act and do things that will increase your confidence so that you validate your thoughts.

A plan sets the direction

An entrepreneur will act using a plan to provide guidance and direction. But he or she isn’t restricted by the terms in the plan. They just act as reminders of what needs to be done to get that product to market. This could include a technical plan on how the new product will be developed. It could involve a Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Opportunities (SWOT) Analysis, which outlines the strengths that the entrepreneur and his/her business can play to, what weaknesses need to be worked on, what opportunities already exist over the competitors with the new product being planned, and what threats needed to be considered, such as the potential to run out of capital.

In a similar way, you can also do a SWOT analysis on yourself. It can help you find out your strong points which you can build on and also the areas about yourself, which you can improve upon.

Failure means nothing to a seasoned entrepreneur

This is a biggie. Entrepreneurs are used to failing. They know and understand that they need to failure a few times before they will begin to succeed. They face difficulties in their business. They may have limited resources in terms of money to grow their company. However, they don’t let setbacks stop them. They get up and try again.

You may have develop a mindset that failure is not an option and that you must speak fluently and not let others see you struggle. This could also be considered as difficulties you are a facing right now. Do you think a entrepreneur would give up? Of course not! You don’t need to either.

Entrepreneurs are not concerned with being liked

Entrepreneurs usually like to be respected. Then again who doesn’t. However, they don’t need to be liked. The key word is ‘need’. They might want to be liked, but they don’t need to. Setting up a company can be daunting. You may be treading on the toes of other competitors who already have a presence. They might not like you for entering their playing area. However, entrepreneurs do not care. They know they are doing great work, and that the world needs to know about. They know they can’t please everyone, and they don’t try to either.

Now with stammering, you might be desperate to be liked. But the desperation to be liked means, you give away your power to those who in the worst case scenario, if they wanted to, could  in fact reject you. By needing to be liked so much by others, you’ve already set yourself up for a painful fall in they don’t. With the entrepreneur mindset you continue to respect others, but before all this you give respect to yourself and tons of it. And when respecting others, you do it with the wisdom that you can never keep everyone happy anyway.

Entrepreneurs are flexible

The thing with entrepreneurship is that it doesn’t follow a rigid process. Sure there and tried and tested methods to start a business, but in practice they many, many unknowns. An entrepreneur doesn’t know for certain whether one approach is going to work. However, he or she also understands there is no way of knowing unless he or she tries. So the entrepreneur tries one way for a while. And if that way doesn’t work the entrepreneur doesn’t hesitate to try another way. And another way. And another way until results begin to be seen.

How can you model this? Well you might have been trying your best not to stammer. However, the more you do this, the more you do stammer! How about if you just tried to allow your stammer to happen when speaking to another person? How about experimenting with what new awareness you get from firsty giving yourself permission to stammer, and noticing how the other reacts to you with this mindset?

So there you have it.

Some of the key characteristics of an entrepreneur. How can you use these to help you realise your own dreams of starting a business? Or even just use them to improve your daily life and to help deal with your stammering?

And remember you can do it. Other people who stutter have done it before you. You will do it now. And others will continue to do it after you.