Do you want to make progress in your life, but feel overwhelmed by all that you have to do? Do you need help, but are afraid to seek it because you believe people won’t want to assist you? If so, check out the following tips to find out why it is good to ask:

It’s impossible to do everything

I’m sure there a many tasks and activities you can do by yourself. However, there any many that you can’t. Yes, you can always learn to do more. However, if you’re completely swamped because of existing commitments, then asking for help really is the way to go.

Asking doesn’t make you any less

When you were a kid, the chances are you were encouraged to ask for help at school when you were stuck. This principle doesn’t change just because you’re an adult.

Remember, asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s completely normal and something worth getting into the habit of doing.

It helps clearer communication

If you’re working in a team either at work, or in your community, then there will be times when you will be responsible for particular activities. Rather than doing something that you’re not totally clear about, ask for clarity first, so that you can do the best job possible.

You get more done

One of the key benefits of asking for help, is it allows you and the person(s) who is helping you to get more done. By working as a team in a mutually beneficial way, the impact of your work is far greater.

Better relationships

Asking others for help gives you an opportunity to create, meaningful relationships with the people you ask, which could last for years. Once you’ve asked a person to help you once, he or she will be likely to help you again.

More opportunities

Asking for help, in addition, can open up more opportunities for you. The people that support you will also have contacts and they could very well introduce others to you, which will increase your network.

It fills your skills gaps

By all means, it’s a good idea to keep on learning new competencies. However, as my friend Dan Black says, if the investment you will need to make to do so, in order to complete your task is too high, ask for help from someone who already has the necessary background and experience. It makes life so much easier.

It’s efficient

Sure, you’re very busy. Therefore there’s no need to think you have to do everything. By asking others for help, you free up time to make progress with other activities that need your attention.

Help back

Remember though, helping is a two way process. There will be times at work or in your personal life, where people will seek help. When they do, and if you’re in a position to do so, help them. People will remember you as someone they can trust and can count on.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• What other reasons can you think of, which explain why it is good to ask for help?
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Photo Credit: andjohan