When we work on ourselves, there are usually stumbling blocks, which we encounter. The purpose of this post is to highlight some of these barriers and offer tips on overcoming them.

Too much, too soon

We’re into the New Year and you’ve probably got a number of goals for this year. You’re probably already making progress with these. If you’ve created goals properly then you’ve already taken appropriate steps.

However, if you’ve set yourself too many goals then you might have become overwhelmed. If this is the case, then stay calm and re-review what you’re doing at the moment. Chances are you might be trying to do too much, too soon. If this is the case then slow down your activities and make sure you’ve broken the activities down into small steps and just focus on achieving one step at a time.

Feeling you’re not worthy to change

If you have planned significant changes this year, where you will be making a big leap from your current position to where you want to be, then a barrier to your progress could me believing you’re not worthy of change.

It is best to ignore and completely re-frame such thoughts. All they are is old remnants of yourself, which are trying their best to hold you back and keep you where you are. It is best to observe such self-limiting thoughts and name and shame then as being false.

Feeling tired

Focused effort, which is done smartly always, pays off in the end. However, there is a risk of burning ourselves out in the process. Ensure you are taking regular breaks, resting your mind-body and doing things which you enjoy doing.

Take time out to do activities that will help you to rejuvenate yourself. This could be practicing yoga, talking a walk, having a regular workout, spending time with a friend or family members or reading a good book.

Feeling frustrated at the lack of progress

One of the greatest things I’ve learnt to do is try things out and learn from the experiences. If something doesn’t work out, then you can always have another go.

Indeed, life is short and this can be a powerful motivator to enable us to take action.

However, on a similar token it is useful to remind ourselves that even in this short life there is still time. Unless a person has reached a very senior stage of his/her life, there is still ample time to create change in your life.

Talk through your challenges

Sometimes a good chat with the right person can help us get unstuck. Talk through any stumbling block with an inspirational friend or family member. People who care for us and who know how to think outside the box can really help us. Selecting the right person for such a conversation is important.

Avoid discussing such issues with someone who cares but all they see is problems. There is nothing wrong with seeing problems, as long as the person can then help you to find solutions.

If you feel you need to, invest in the services of a coach who can work alongside you to help you achieve your goals.

Thinking too much

Usually when we create plans for new achievements, we think about what we want. We consider where we are currently and where we want to go. We think of what we need to do and become in order to achieve our goals. Thinking is a great ability we humans have.

However, at times what can end up creating problems is thinking too much. We get so bogged down with thinking, we end up creating anxiety for ourselves, about all that we have to do and in the process we become further overwhelmed.

Sometimes it is best to improvise and allow your intuition to take over and find answers to the problem you are trying to overcome. Doing so can seem risky at times. After all, by ceasing to think so much, people worry they will lose their identity. However, through improvising you will activate an innate wisdom, which is always there but gets hidden by all the thinking, most of which is unnecessary.

Worry about what others will think

Concern about what other people may think about your aspirations and activities is a sure fire way to prevent progress, especially if you let this affect you.

We all want to be accepted and appreciated. However, are you willing to do this by sacrificing what you really want in life?

If you’re not harming anyone through your activities, then you shouldn’t allow the potential disapproval of others to stop you. This is one example where the ‘life is too short’ principle really comes into play.

Do you really want to look back you on life when you’re elderly and regret doing one thing, which could have changed the direction of life completely for the better, because you were afraid of upsetting someone?

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