A rant about being nice

Why are stutterers so nice?

We’re so nice we’d end up selling our souls to the Devil before even dreaming of upsetting anyone. I used to be so nice once a upon a time. I used to try and please each and every person I came in contact with (or every person I dreamt I was in contact with because I didn’t really talk to anyone).

It worked. But for some strange reason the only person who didn’t feel nice was me. I wonder why that was? 🙂

In fact, I think I was so nice, you couldn’t pay me to be anything else. I can just see it now… Somebody offering me £1000 to be mean to another person. I would have been like: “Mean? me? Are you having a laugh?” Mind you I think a £Million might have done it. I wasn’t just nice. I was Mr Nice, with a capital N.

And that’s the thing about nice. It only gets you so far, because as soon as the person you’re trying to be nice to doesn’t respond the way you want, it’s like the world has ended. You can’t stop thinking about it.

What has life taught me about being nice?

Overall it’s good to be nice. Seriously. The world likes nice people. However, we’re only usually being nice to ourselves, when we combine being ‘nice to others’ with assertiveness to boldly state our views in the world, and live the lives we want to.

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