A vision for innovation in helping PWS

Imagine a therapy scenario that lasts 4-6 weeks, maybe even longer. Imagine contexts designed to mimic real life situations for people who stammer on an individual basis.

Let me explain with an example…

Say one of my own personal difficult situations was going for interviews, then one of my mock-up scenarios would be an interview. Not only are the situations mimicked, so are the other people who are involved. So in my interview situation, I would have real life people acting the part of the employers.

For any particular context, the person who stammers needs to feel like they are entering and communicating in the context as if its real. The person needs to feel similar pressures to what they would, if they were tackling the situation in the real world. So for my interview situation, I would need to feel a bit anxious, I would need to prepare and I wouls need to look the part. The actors interviewing me also have to play their parts, and be inquisitive, challenging and demanding.

How do I get myself feeling like this is the real thing?

By using a points system. I must pass a certain amount of points, which I would gain through my interview performance, my attitude, demeanor etc.

But all the time, in my interview situation and other situtations, I have the opportunity to completely desensitise myself. I have all the time to allow a stammering episode or block to arise and pass, before talking anxiety free. If it takes me 5 minutes to get through the block then so be it. I’m not being judged on this. I’m being judged on how my performance went, and whether my responses indicate I have the skills for the job or not.

Of course the above is based upon a bunch of assumptions, but hopefully you get the idea.




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