Breathing your way to less fear

I came back from a 3 day Vipassana course yesterday. During the first day we practiced respiratory meditation only, observing the ingoing and outgoing breath, allowing our minds to become highly focused. Nothing else.

As I practiced this, my breath become more refined and subtle. While I was doing this, I had a couple of anxious thoughts about stammering. I noticed how my breath actually changed at this point. It almost stopped.

So I tried an experiment.

I continued to practice the respiratory meditation and as my breathing become more and more subtle, I watched out for anxious thoughts about stammering to arise and noticed by breathing change once again. As it did, I then breathed normally and like magic, the fearful thoughts dissolved away.

  1. Mr. Hiten,
    Good morning,
    I am very much motivated by your blogs on Vipassana and wany to feel the experience, but because of family commitments not have been able to join so far. Leaving it to God to call me whenever HE feels appropriate.
    jasbir sandhu
    Cell 99150 06377

  2. Jasbir, have you enquired about shorter 1 day or 3 day courses? There must be plenty of opportunities to take courses in India, the land where Vipassana originated!

  3. Hey Hiten,
    I will be joining the Vipassana training very soon..
    The time table of the course seems to be rigid. There seems to be only mediation.
    I don’t know whether I will have such level of concentration!!!
    Will there be any interactions on how to do so.. or just sit and concentrate 🙂

  4. Ghostrider, I’m sure you will really enjoy the course. Yes, it is tough but well worth it and gets easier was you progress through the days.

    Are you going to an S.N Goenka course?

    If so, the first few days will be respiration meditation (which we help you develop the concentration needed!), then you will practice Vipassana. You will hear Goenkaji through audio explain how to do the practice. Then in the evening there will be discourses usually shown on DVD with Goenkaji explaining the theory of what you practiced during the day. There will also be an Assistant Teacher who you can ask questions to twice in a day.

  5. Yes Hiten,
    I registered for the course @Bangalore.
    I have only on query “How to Mediate” or better to say.. “What to think or feel while mediation.”
    Like Day One starts stating “Meditate in the hall or in your room”…

  6. Ghostrider,

    During the first evening of the course, you will mostly likely hear a DVD of Goenkaji who will instruct you exactly how to meditate.

    During each morning session at 4:30 am you can meditate either in your room or the hall. On the first morning of the course I went on, I did the early morning session in the meditation hall. After the first day, I usually meditated in my room during the 4:30 am session.

    When is your course?

    I’m sure you will have a great time!

  7. Hey, just completed my meditation. 🙂
    It was a wonderful exp to know how our mind behaves on the body.
    I did had pain in my leg till my last day.
    I have back pain initially during the start of meditation, however as time goes on it reduces. Frankly, after 5th day I was exhausted and was really lazy to concentrate. However, i picked on 8th & 9th day and am happy to feel the exp.
    Enough said… Need to practice 🙂

    1. Ghostrider, this is great! Well done and thanks for sharing your experience. All I can say is to persist with the technique and just notice how things change for you!

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