Suresh is 24 and is a person who stammers. His dream is to become a doctor and then get married.

He had decided to make some serious changes in his life, in order to deal with his stammering. He wants to take a speech therapy course. He wants to take a confidence building workshop.

He’s told his parents and older brother about what he wants to do. Instead of being supportive they are extremely hesitant and try to talk Suresh out of it. “You can’t do it” his mother says. “It will never work”, his brother tells him. Even his closest friends are not sure.

His university professor, has already discounted Suresh from having a successful medical career due to his speaking difficulties. When Suresh tells his professor of his plans, his professor responds with scepticism.

Suresh has all those closest to him tell him he can’t do it. It wouldn’t work for a whole host of fantasy reasons they argue.

But Suresh is different.

The more people tell him he can’t do it, the more he believes he can.

  1. It is difficult to get rid of stammering and there doesn’t seem to be a single treatment that is guaranteed to work. But fact is a lot of people have managed to solve their stammering problem or have reduced it greatly. As long as you’re motivated you have a good chance.

    1. Pascal, I agree. Having a strong sense of motivation can be so powerful (and indeed is needed) for any serious change(s) to occur. This along with patience. Thanks for your comment.

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