The way we think about ourselves directly impacts the way we feel, and behave. It also directly impacts the way other people will respond to us.

As a person who stammers, you’ve probably spent periods of your life concerned about what other people think you. When you are working on building your confidence, I don’t recommend worrying about the views of others about you. Just do what you need to do.

However, for the purposes of explaining my initial sentence about how thinking impacts how others react to us, I’ll continue with experiences in my life over the past 10 years:

When I felt nervous and fearful and behaved as such, people would call me shy and say I had low self-confidence.

When I felt confident and assertive and behaved in this manner, people would call me confident and self-assured.

When I felt peaceful and happy and behaved like this, people would say I was peaceful and content.

We have to interact with people in our daily lives. Humans are social creatures afterall.

If through your interactions you’re not getting done what you need to, or you’re not happy with your relationships, exactly what inner thoughts are you projecting into the world?

Remember you are responsible for the reactions you get from others.



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