From low to high self-esteem

I was driving around yesterday and listening to Radio 4.

There was an interview with this person who stammered, who was talking about his life. He was using costal breathing to speak as taught in the Starfish Project.

His interviewers asked him to tell the audience more about one particular story in his life. The guy had a bunch of good friends who accepted him as he was. However, the guy couldn’t believe that his friends would want to be with him. Does this sound familiar?

It took me straight back to when I was at university and went out with this one girl. I couldn’t believe how she wanted to be with me, and I commented the same to her – low self-esteem in action.

Low self-esteem can be dealt with. I did it through mind training and experience. The thing about my own experience was that I decided to do the opposite – develop beliefs that other people were lucky to spend time with me. I found this to be powerful, but far too egotistical, still with insecurity. Therefore, I changed once again to develop beliefs where all of us are equal, and each one of us has infinite powers nonetheless.

  1. Hi Hiten,

    Nice little post, but to be honest, shame about the plug for the Starfish project.
    That took the shine off for me, I’m afraid.

    All the best.

  2. Peter, although the Starfish Project didn’t do much for me in terms of help, it was the first time I met so many people who stammered. It was also where I learnt for the first time, that I stammered covertly. Can’t forget that I guess.

    Thanks for your comment.

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