Having coffee at Going A-Musing

I’ve written a guest post over at my good friend Vidya Sury’s blog Going A-Musing.

Vidya is a prolific blogger and writes about a variety of topics including happiness, life, relationships, inspiration, health and love. It’s hardly surprising she has a massive global following.

She is also a brilliant humour writer and many of her posts a littered with funny comments, which are usually about her direct life experiences and interactions with people. She also writes an excellent weekly post, which usually contains amazing pictures of life in India.

The post I have written at her blog is entitled Worried About Not Being Good Enough?

It will be great if you could join us, for a cup of ‘virtual coffee’ at Vidya’s blog. She’s a wonderful and very welcoming host.


Photo Credit: Dennis Wong

  1. Hiten! That’s such a sweet intro! I am very happy that you’re over at my place for coffee! πŸ˜€ That particular cup is very inviting! And coincidentally, right now, I am enjoying a huge mug – and yeah – your post looks just great over there at Going A-Musing πŸ™‚

    Coffee is very significant for me – not because I drink lots of it (I don’t, these days. But yes, sometimes I go all nostalgic and do!) – but because I have shared many many wonderful moments with my Mom over a cuppa. It was almost a ritual for us. In the 46 years I was with her (yes, we always lived together), unless I was out of town – we always had our coffee together. And that’s why it is so special to me.

    Thank you for the lovely honor – and being on “The Red Carpet” at Going A-Musing!


    1. Hi Vidya,

      Hugs to you too! πŸ™‚

      Thank you for having me over at your blog. I’m enjoying the coffee and the best of all is the company. Coffee really is the perfect drink to have a catch up with friends.

      Indeed, I have learnt from your blog this year that you’re a big coffee fan. It is clear it has a special place in your heart.

      I remember in one post you explained how you make your coffee. I really did feel like I was there drinking with you. Your mom certainly does sound like she was an amazing lady and a wonderful teacher and role model to you.

      Thanks again for making me feel so welcome at your blog, Vidya! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Galen,

      Thanks a lot for following me over to Vidya’s blog. I really appreciate you reading the post and leaving your comment.

      Thank you.

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