If you’re feeling stuck in life, then seeking help really is the sensible thing to do. Friends, family, coaches, books, audio programs can help. All of these can be a great inspiration. However, ultimately, it will be you who will create the change you need to improve your situation. Read on to find out how the answers to your problems are already in you:

Your thinking is yours

A lot of the time, a change in thinking is all it takes for a problem to cease being such. Sure, someone else might have facilitated you to change your perspective. It was you though, who then used your capacity to alter your thought patterns to those that serve you better.

And when your inner thoughts change, the way you look out into the world changes, almost magically. You suddenly respect yourself. You marvel at the world around you. You suddenly have a spring in your step.

Mastery of your emotions

If you’re feeling down, then you experience this in your body. For instance, you might feel hot in a certain part of your body if you’re experiencing fear of anger.

Just like you can experience any unhelpful emotion in your body, you also have the ability to be the observer and ignore any emotion that you know will get you in a bad state, if you pay attention to it.

Just consider how powerful this truly is for a moment? When you transcend any emotion you experience at any point, you’re no longer the emotion. You’re far greater than any feeling.

Your experiences change you

When it boils down to it, and you are compelled to change, you have made the decision to step into the world and have the experiences you need to, in order to improve your life.

Others can help you to step out of the door. However, it will be you who will take the courageous first step.

And taking this first step provides you with evidence that you have it in to move into the unfamiliar. Your beliefs change. And when this happens, suddenly, the impossible becomes possible.

In the future, other challenges will continue to present themselves. However, remember, you took the first step previously and created change. You can do so again, and again.

You can grow

Every part of your being has the potential to grow. However, it’s the challenges you face in your life that will enable you to do so. Allow yourself to find out your own solutions by going to the problem, rather than avoiding it.

There is so much powerful energy deep within you that is bursting to come out. However, these inner resources will remain dormant, unless you believe in yourself to be able to deal with the problem you’re facing.

The truth is you really are short changing yourself, if you don’t give yourself an opportunity to step out of what feels comfortable and move into the area where you will grow.

When you do, you might just stun yourself when you realise just how much you really can do.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• In what other ways do the solutions to our problems already exist in us?
• What can we do to manifest these resources?
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Photo Credit: Create-Learning Team Building & Leadership