Negatively comes in all different varieties. It can manifest from behaviours you might see in others, and the words they say. It could be actions you do yourself.

You see, there’s a key thing about negative vibes – they have a habit of travelling around.

If you’re feeling negative, then when you come into contact with other people, your negativity will pass onto them. Likewise, when people around you are harbouring ill will, it can potentially affect you and others. If you’re finding yourself always being negative or seeing negativity in others and want to figure out how to deal with this, the following tips will help you:

Don’t let other’s negativity spread to you

If you’re finding other people in your daily environments are bringing down your energy levels, then make a conscious decision to not allow them to change the way you’re feeling.

Sometimes this can be difficult, especially if you’re constantly in contact with a person who is negative. However, you can still choose not to allow that person’s emotions project onto you. Say a big “no” to allowing that individual’s vibes to enter into your personal space.

Engage in positive activities

Take positive action in your life. This could involve working on your confidence, helping other people improve their lives and abilities, reading inspirational books and news stories, and having cheerful and positive interactions with others.

Keep away from negativity

Where possible, stay away from negativity altogether. This could involve keeping away from bad crowds, or even refraining from particular types of music, or watching certain types of TV programs and movies.

Think of answers

You will always face problems in your life. A particular problem might be in your personal or professional setting. However, rather than dwelling on a problem for too long, which can lead to you feeling negative, focus instead on answers and solutions.

Change Your Attitude

If you are unhappy with your life, and the environments you’re in, change your attitude to the way you see the world. Focus on all the good things in your life. Even if you have one positive thing going for you in your life, then this is something. Look for the positives in others.

Expand the horizon of your thinking. If you find yourself constantly focusing on the negative aspects of your life, give yourself permission to at least consider what might be good beyond the problem that is currently taking up your attention.


You don’t just have to find something funny in order to smile. You can engineer good feelings inside you by just smiling, anyway! If you don’t smile often, then get into the habit of doing so. Give a smile when you see and greet people. Not only will you feel cheerful, but your positive vibes will transmit to others too.

Expect the good times and bad times

Although there is a lot you can do to ensure you have lot more positive experiences, there will always be difficult times. By expecting that with a happy experience, there might an unhappy one not too far away, you expect that challenges will occur, and you can become more dissociated from any negativity that might emerge through the unpleasant experience.

My friends, it’s over to you:

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