How to Get Your Week Off to a Super Start


Do you find yourself becoming nervous on a Sunday evening as you know Monday is just around the corner, which means back to work? Do you dread the sound of your alarm going off on a Monday morning, because it signals the start of a new week?

If so, the following tips will help you get the new week off to a great start:

Sleep well

One of joys of the weekend is being able to stay up late on Friday and Saturday night. However, ensure you get to bed at a decent hour on Sunday night. A good night’s sleep will help to ensure your mind-body is well relaxed for the new week.

Exercise or meditate

If you can wake up a little earlier on Monday morning and exercise, doing so will help you get into a positive mood. This doesn’t have to a full blown workout either. Just a 15 minutes power walk can be enough.

Alternatively, you can meditate for 10 minutes to help you get balanced and calm, ready for the week ahead.

Think opportunities

Rather than choosing to feel dread at the prospect of a new week, think opportunities. A new week is full of possibilities with plenty of opportunities for learning, and growth.

What one activity will you do this week that will help you develop as a person?

Start again

If your previous week was particularly stressful or bad, then a new week gives you the opportunity to start afresh. You can leave the past firmly where it should be, which is in the past and focus on creating a better future.

Tell yourself

Rather than engaging in negative self-talk about how you can’t face the week, tell yourself “I’m going to have a terrific week” or that “I’m going to really enjoy and have a productive Monday”.

Eat breakfast

You can help yourself get your week off to a decent start by ensuring your stomach is full.  Eat a decent breakfast before you leave your front door in the morning.

Be present

Worry about the working week only really happens if you allow it. If you get up on Monday and find your mind wandering into thinking too much about all you have to do at work, bring your attention back to the present moment and observe your breathing.

Leave early

If you drive to work then Monday mornings are the busiest of the week. By leaving a little earlier, you give yourself more time to get into work with less stress.

Listen to music

During your drive into work, or on your bus or train ride, put on some music that will uplift you. This will help to get you into a good state before you start your work.

Start early

If possible, get to your office, or sit at your home office around 20-30 minutes before you officially start your working week. Use this time to write down all the key tasks you need to get done during the week.

This will help you get focused and help to increase your productivity as you get into your work.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• In what other ways can we get off to a really good start to the week?
• Please share your valuable views, experiences and thoughts in the comments box below.
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  1. Hi Hiten,

    A perfect post with Monday just about to start off for me 🙂

    Oh yes…I think all of us have the ‘Monday Blues’ because it comes soon after a Sunday, and who wants to end a nice weekend! Sometimes I wish we had a 2-3 day long weekend, rather than the 1-2 days we get. Not to mention that even on the weekends, some of us are working and I’m guilty of that.

    Even though we don’t want to, being bloggers, we are always catching up with pending comments, or visiting other blogs, preparing a new post and the never ending list of things. Yes, it’s bad, and we need to completely ‘switch-off’ at least for a complete day in-between. I do that, though it happens only for a few hours perhaps…need to change that.

    You mentioned some nice tips how you can get ready for a new start with a new week. I think if you are prepared for the day by getting up a little early, you are ahead and in time for things. This can happen only if you have slept enough the night earlier, which is essential, and I make sure to catch up with my sleep at least on the weekends. Music is a great way to boost your morale, and so is any kind of light exercise if you do any of it. Changing your settings a little or imbibing something new for the week makes you feel like you are starting something on a good foot too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, whatever is left of it….which means you too are working on a Sunday 😉

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Indeed, I thought the timing of this post would coincide well with the beginning of the week!

      Absolutely, the ‘Monday Blues’ is almost like a universal experience! I agree, it would be great if the weekend was made into 3 days. I can definitely relate to what you said about being bloggers. I think bloggers like us are probably one of the guiltiest of all groups for working at all kinds of hours!

      Being prepared for the day through waking up early really does help me get into the new week more calmly. In recent weeks I’ve been quite fortunate, as I’ve been able to get to sleep fairly early on Sunday nights. I hope it stays this way for some time.

      Many thanks for leaving your wonderful comment, Harleena! I hope your week got off to a super start! 🙂

  2. Love all the tips – trying to do most of them, Hiten. Planning MOndays, leaving early and starting early does give me a positive start for the week. And by planning Mondays, I try to plan ahead for Mondays more than any other day of the week as far as what’s on my calendar. And one other major thing – change your job to suit your life! It’s not practical or easily done but if you’re moving towards work that fits your life more or work you enjoy, the more fun and pleasant Mondays become. I actually look forward to Mondays but definitely did not as much in my previous life in law:)

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      I’m really glad you liked the tips, my friend!

      Many thanks for sharing your experiences of planning ahead for Mondays. It really does help to ensure we’re not stressed when we get into our work. I loved what you wrote about changing your job to suit your life. Indeed, when our work and life are totally aligned, Mondays become much more enjoyable!

      Thanks for adding so much more value to this post, Vishnu! 🙂

  3. Timely topic, my friend. And good tips also. It’s really important to get a good night’s sleep, and I’m guilty of not doing that–like right now, I should be getting ready for bed, and yet I’m still doing things I didn’t get to over the weekend. Also, taking time to meditate is really a great piece of advice as well. So is setting an intention to have a good week. It’s not the same situation, but the other day, one of my team members said that he saw all kinds of problems with a big project we’re about to embark on. I told him that if we expect to see problems, that’s what we’ll see. Instead, we’re doing our best now to anticipate what may be issues and create a system to head then off. Beyond that, we’re going in with the attitude that it’ll be go well. Same idea as what you said about saying to ourselves that we’ll have a good week. With that said, I’m affirming with you that we’re both going to have a good week! 🙂

    1. Hi Alice,

      I’m glad you could appreciate the tips in the post!

      You sound a lot like me, Alice! Like you, I do find myself tying up a lot of loose ends at the weekend, too! I’m glad you could resonate with the point about meditation. Regular meditation sittings really do help me to stay more balanced and calm during the week.

      I can appreciate you what you said about intending to have a good week and thanks for sharing the experiences with your team membesr. What you suggested to your colleagues is such a great attitude to take, and as you quite rightly said, we can apply the same principle to the beginning of the week, and expect good things to happen!

      Thank you very much for affirming that we’ll both have a good week! I would like to affirm the same in return!

      Thanks for your wonderful comment, my friend!

  4. There is no phrase I detest more than ‘monday morning blues’ (tgif comes in at a close second).

    It’s all about mindset, isn’t it? I love what you write on thinking about opportunities. Even if there is something daunting happening in the week, I try and find something that I know I will love (like seeing friends, going to a new meetup group, etc) and focus on that.

    This life thing doesn’t have a pause of fast forward button. May as well make the most of it, eh?!

  5. Luckily I don’t see Monday as the hell that the majority of the working world see it as. Instead I see it as the start of a week that will hopefully be full of productivity and energy. So I need a good start and for that I always try to define that day with a set of achievable goals that will set me off for the rest of the week.

    I start as early as possible and get as much done as early as possible.

    If I get this one thing right, the rest of the week tends to follow on from that.

    I like your idea of presence though. I remember when I worked a dreary 9-5, the middle of the week was always the worst time as it just reminded me how many days until the weekend. It’s so close but yet, out of reach. The best way was to not think about it and focus on the task at hand. Time seems to fly when we are engrossed in whatever it is that we do.

    1. Hi Jamie,

      Your attitude towards Mondays is brilliant and the way you set achievable goals for the rest of the week sounds great. I think you touched upon an important point, which is to ensure our goals for the week are achievable. It makes no sense to set goals that will totally overwhelm us.

      Like you, I’m also an early starter and get my best work done earlier on in the day. I agree, time does fly by when we’re totally focused on the task at hand, almost by magic! 🙂

      Many thanks for sharing your great insights and adding more value to this post, Jamie.

  6. Hiten,

    What a great way to start a Monday morning, with a bit of motivation to start the week off on the right foot!

    One thing I like to do mondays -to get my week started the right way is tackle my least favorite or biggest obstacle of the week.

    By getting the hardest task (or the one I really want to avoid) off my list early, I get a big boost of confidence and accomplishment, that will help carry me through the week.

    And of course the knowledge that all the rest of the week is downhill and smooth sailing.


    1. Hi SJ,

      Indeed, a little motivation at the beginning of the week really can help to set the frame for a productive week.

      Many thanks for sharing the approaches you use to get the week off to a good start. I really liked the idea of tacking the least favourite activity first and getting this out of the way. Absolutely, I can see how this could really do wonders for one’s confidence, and can also appreciate how it could even make the rest of the activities far easier.

      Many thanks for adding so much more value to this post, my friend.

  7. Excellent starting points, Hiten. Maybe it is a form of meditation, but turning off the radio and everything else on the way to work can help focus your mind and prepare yourself for the day ahead. Another thing may be to drive a different way to work. You may notice things you haven’t before and it may spark an idea or a thought to help in the day ahead. Thanks! Jon

    1. Hi Jon,

      Ah, I just loved what you wrote about creating an environment of silence on the way to work! I do this at times in the morning when I practice mindful meditation during my drive to work. As an exercise, I observe how long I can stay focused on my breathing before being distracted by the noise, cars and people around me.

      I also really liked your tip about taking a different route to work. I can appreciate how this could spark some creativity.

      Thanks for adding some wonderful advice to this post, Jon!

  8. Hi Hiten 🙂

    I’m new to your blog here and think that the above ideas are very good if you are not particularly enjoying your working life. How I would suggest as Vishnu said that working towards a lifestyle you do desire is the key to long-lasting energy, motivation and happiness. Then every day is a great day – even the bad ones, they are placed in the larger context of living your dream and expressing your natural creative self.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Love, SSS <3

    1. Hi SSS,

      Welcome to the blog and it’s wonderful to see you here!

      I can really appreciate what you wrote in your comment. Indeed, as you quite rightly said, when we move towards the lifestyle we want, including doing work that supports it, then everyday is a happy occasion and this includes Mondays.

      Many thanks for adding so much more to this post, SSS!

  9. Excellent list Hiten! I think each point is important, but I especially like thinking about opportunities. So many people I know start to fall into a funk on Sunday just thinking about having to head back to work on Monday. This is no way to live! There are so many opportunities and awesome experiences available in life if we will only open ourselves to them. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    1. Hi Marty,

      I’m really glad you the list. Like you, I too think the point about thinking of opportunities can be a very helpful attitude to take. It’s true as well.

      There are so many things possible in a brand new week, which can facilitate our development.

      Thanks for leaving your wonderful comment, my friend.

  10. Hi Hiten,

    A wonderful post as most of us feel the same thoughts as the Sunday closes to an end. You have listed out some very good points that can help us fight this Monday phobia.

    Well, a very natural way to fight with Monday phobia can be to work in the field that we love to do and better to get a good friendly office atmosphere. Anyone working at their favourite place, especially doing something that they have always wanted to do will let them get rid of their Monday phobia quite naturally.

    Thanks Hiten for sharing such a motivating post to enlighten our Sunday Evenings. 🙂

    1. Hi Ashutosh,

      I’m so glad you liked the post!

      I just loved what you wrote about choosing a field that we love and working in a good atmosphere as a way to deal with Monday blues. Absolutely, as you quite rightly said, when one does work which he/she loves, then it usually gets rid of Monday phobia altogether!

      Many thanks for commenting, Ashutosh and for joining the discussion.

  11. i m glad reading your post hats off to you man .The topic on which you have written this blog is really to good and i think every human should read it how to give a perfect start to our week . all the points you have mention are correct specially exercise and meditate . thank you for posting such a great blog

    1. Hi Rita,

      I’m really glad you liked the post and thank you very much for commenting! Hope you’re having a good weekend.

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