Do you find yourself becoming nervous on a Sunday evening as you know Monday is just around the corner, which means back to work? Do you dread the sound of your alarm going off on a Monday morning, because it signals the start of a new week?

If so, the following tips will help you get the new week off to a great start:

Sleep well

One of joys of the weekend is being able to stay up late on Friday and Saturday night. However, ensure you get to bed at a decent hour on Sunday night. A good night’s sleep will help to ensure your mind-body is well relaxed for the new week.

Exercise or meditate

If you can wake up a little earlier on Monday morning and exercise, doing so will help you get into a positive mood. This doesn’t have to a full blown workout either. Just a 15 minutes power walk can be enough.

Alternatively, you can meditate for 10 minutes to help you get balanced and calm, ready for the week ahead.

Think opportunities

Rather than choosing to feel dread at the prospect of a new week, think opportunities. A new week is full of possibilities with plenty of opportunities for learning, and growth.

What one activity will you do this week that will help you develop as a person?

Start again

If your previous week was particularly stressful or bad, then a new week gives you the opportunity to start afresh. You can leave the past firmly where it should be, which is in the past and focus on creating a better future.

Tell yourself

Rather than engaging in negative self-talk about how you can’t face the week, tell yourself “I’m going to have a terrific week” or that “I’m going to really enjoy and have a productive Monday”.

Eat breakfast

You can help yourself get your week off to a decent start by ensuring your stomach is full.  Eat a decent breakfast before you leave your front door in the morning.

Be present

Worry about the working week only really happens if you allow it. If you get up on Monday and find your mind wandering into thinking too much about all you have to do at work, bring your attention back to the present moment and observe your breathing.

Leave early

If you drive to work then Monday mornings are the busiest of the week. By leaving a little earlier, you give yourself more time to get into work with less stress.

Listen to music

During your drive into work, or on your bus or train ride, put on some music that will uplift you. This will help to get you into a good state before you start your work.

Start early

If possible, get to your office, or sit at your home office around 20-30 minutes before you officially start your working week. Use this time to write down all the key tasks you need to get done during the week.

This will help you get focused and help to increase your productivity as you get into your work.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• In what other ways can we get off to a really good start to the week?
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