So, you’ve made some great strides in your life. It could be working on overcoming a particular challenge at work, or in a relationship perhaps. It might be developing a certain skill, and your self-belief has increased.

This is what self-development is all about.

You’ve now proven to yourself that you can create change, you might want to take your progress to the next level. In order to do this, you will need to build upon the work you’ve done. Check out the following tips to find out how you can do this:

Awareness that you’re on a journey

By understanding that your personal growth is a journey, you realise that your path is a continuous process. You’ve taken some actions. You have learnt new things about yourself and your wisdom has grown.

However, the journey doesn’t end here. There are still a many further steps to be taken. Continue this journey in the same way, learning, gaining feedback and adapting accordingly.

As your confidence grows even further, you will be able to take on greater feats.

Be committed

Commitment can be a very powerful force. By being committed to your endeavours, you create the self-discipline needed to continue moving forward.

You can cultivate more commitment by having a strong enough ‘why’ in the things you do. What does having an even better life than the one you currently have, mean to you? If the meaning is strong enough, your commitment will follow.

Continue to dream big

Carry on dreaming big. You’ve made great progress and did so through thinking what you previously believed was unimaginable.

You’ll only be short changing yourself, if you forget to continue building on your capacity to dream of doing even greater things in the world.

The late and great Nelson Mandela has taught us and generations to come the power of what can happen when you dream big.

Have a sense of awe

When making progress in life, it can sometimes be easy to think you’ve done it now. You don’t need further help and you know all there is to know.

It’s careful to ensure arrogance doesn’t breed through your new found confidence, as arrogance itself can a hindrance to further exploration of yourself and your capabilities. Also, it is a turn off to people who you come in contact with.

Instead, continue to marvel at life, nature and all that you have left to figure out, and how exciting it will be to do so.

Continue to be open to advice

Be open to advice that others may be able to offer you. The truth is others will always be more experienced in certain areas, which you’re now ready to move into.

Be open to all people across all generations. We can learn something new and useful from a young child, just as we can from someone who is more senior.

Be courageous

The greater you develop a person, the more courage you will need. Therefore, when you’ve made the decision to make another change in your life and doubts creep in about your ability to succeed, stand tall in the face of these, with the same courage that you used to help you already overcome countless problems and challenges.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• What other techniques, attitudes and approaches can we use to help us build on the progress we’ve made in our lives, so that we can do even more good?
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Photo Credit: cascade_of_rant