Each of us has been given a life to live. And this life is meant to be enjoyed. Perhaps you might be thinking this is easier said than done, and are struggling to find any sense of joy in your life. If so, the following tips will help you:

Make a conscious decision to see the best in what you do

When you wake up in the morning, make a conscious choice to see the best in what you do during your day. If you’re doing work activities, and are finding them challenging for instance, focus on what you are learning in the process and how you’re constantly enhancing your skills and competence.

See the best in everyone

You encounter all kinds of people in your daily life. Some will behave in ways you like and other may not do so. Every single person has their own background and is dealing with their own individual issues.

Rather than looking for faults in others because people aren’t behaving the way you want, look for what is good in them. Even that difficult individual who makes you frustrated has good qualities. How can you help evoke these qualities?

Spend time in nature

There are marvellous things in this world, such as birds, insects, animals, woods, forests, seas, oceans, hills and mountains. Take time to be with nature, and notice how everything in your surroundings is operating just the way it is meant to be.

You don’t need to go far either. It could involve becoming tuned with what is happening as you step out of your front door, or when you step into your garden.

Be active

When you spend increasing amounts of time alone and not being active, you can end up feeling depressed. Instead, get involved in activities. Try foods you haven’t eaten before or a drink you’ve never had before. Travel and learn about different cultures. Learn how to dance, or take a language class.

Doing new and interesting activities will help you to really ensure you’re making the most of your life. Also, when you try something new and perhaps a little scary, the rewarding feelings of achievement you get at the end will be wonderful.

Be of service

Where you can help others, do so. There are many people who are less fortunate than you in the world and who would benefit from some time you could devote to them. Get involved in a charity that interests you, or be proactive at work and arrange a workshop on an area, which you’re competent in, and that could benefit your colleagues.

Indeed, you might be feeling less fortunate yourself. In this case, helping others will instantly help you to feel good. You will feel better because that is what happens when we help others. You will also get joy from seeing the happiness you bring to another person.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• What other things can we do to live a joyful life?
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