How to Live a Joyful Life


Each of us has been given a life to live. And this life is meant to be enjoyed. Perhaps you might be thinking this is easier said than done, and are struggling to find any sense of joy in your life. If so, the following tips will help you:

Make a conscious decision to see the best in what you do

When you wake up in the morning, make a conscious choice to see the best in what you do during your day. If you’re doing work activities, and are finding them challenging for instance, focus on what you are learning in the process and how you’re constantly enhancing your skills and competence.

See the best in everyone

You encounter all kinds of people in your daily life. Some will behave in ways you like and other may not do so. Every single person has their own background and is dealing with their own individual issues.

Rather than looking for faults in others because people aren’t behaving the way you want, look for what is good in them. Even that difficult individual who makes you frustrated has good qualities. How can you help evoke these qualities?

Spend time in nature

There are marvellous things in this world, such as birds, insects, animals, woods, forests, seas, oceans, hills and mountains. Take time to be with nature, and notice how everything in your surroundings is operating just the way it is meant to be.

You don’t need to go far either. It could involve becoming tuned with what is happening as you step out of your front door, or when you step into your garden.

Be active

When you spend increasing amounts of time alone and not being active, you can end up feeling depressed. Instead, get involved in activities. Try foods you haven’t eaten before or a drink you’ve never had before. Travel and learn about different cultures. Learn how to dance, or take a language class.

Doing new and interesting activities will help you to really ensure you’re making the most of your life. Also, when you try something new and perhaps a little scary, the rewarding feelings of achievement you get at the end will be wonderful.

Be of service

Where you can help others, do so. There are many people who are less fortunate than you in the world and who would benefit from some time you could devote to them. Get involved in a charity that interests you, or be proactive at work and arrange a workshop on an area, which you’re competent in, and that could benefit your colleagues.

Indeed, you might be feeling less fortunate yourself. In this case, helping others will instantly help you to feel good. You will feel better because that is what happens when we help others. You will also get joy from seeing the happiness you bring to another person.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• What other things can we do to live a joyful life?
• Please share you valuable views, experiences and thoughts in the comments box below.
• Please also share this post on your favourite social networks. Thank you.

  1. Hi Hiten,

    Lovely post indeed 🙂

    Yes, it’s not difficult to lead a joyful life if you want to lead one actually. It all really IS in the mind 🙂

    It just takes one thought, one change, one moment to change your unhappy or sad life to a happy one, isn’t it? You gave wonderful ways to do that – seeing good in everything and everyone around you is the key I feel because when you do that you learn to appreciate things and people instead of finding flaws in them and this makes you happy.

    Spending time in nature or doing things that make you happy like picking up any hobby bring you inner happiness too, so does helping others or being of service as you mentioned. I think overall just being your true self and doing your best to help others brings us joy – at least to me it does.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and thanks very much for adding so much more advice to this post.

      Indeed, I can really resonate with what you wrote about it taking one thought and moment to change from unhappy to happy. I like to look at it a like a light switch that needs to be turned on.

      Absolutely, as you said, seeing the good in all things and people, changes our attitude from one that is impoverished and full of finding faults, to one of appreciation. And a state of appreciation is so much of a healthier place to be.

      I think you summed up being joyful beautifully. I loved the way described joyful as being our true self and being of service to others. I think this is so true.

      Many thanks for leaving your wonderful comment, Harleena.

      Have a great week ahead! 🙂

  2. Great tips, Hiten,

    I agree with all your points and with Harleena’s comments. I would add, especially in today’s world, “slow down” – I think we miss out on a lot of joy these days because we’re always rushing around – wasn’t it one of your previous posts that talked about eating more slowly?

    Something I’ve started doing more consciously recently is stopping myself when I find myself criticising someone – I try to stop those thoughts in their tracks. It’s so easy to get into ‘moaning’ mode and we often leap to judgement about others without really considering there might be issues we’re not aware of, and when we’re moaning, we’re usually grumpy! This really links to your second point about seeing the best in everyone.

    I think, also, it’s about recognising that we’re responsible for our own misery or joy – it’s up to us how we feel. To some extent, we can ‘choose’ to be happy – we can’t always influence events or what other people do or say, but it’s up to us how we react. If you can smile, even when things aren’t going your way, it makes a huge difference.

    1. Hi Sue,

      I’m really glad you liked the tips in the post!

      I loved the additional tip you added about “slowing down”. This is s certainly a wonderful practice to help us see the joy in life. Yes, I mentioned in another post about eating slowly, also called mindful eating.

      You’re right; it is very easy to leap to judgement. We can easily default to taking people’s behaviour personally.

      Many thanks for sharing your experiences of making a conscious effort to stop yourself when you catch yourself criticising. This is a great example of breaking a certain pattern of thinking. When we keep doing this again and again, pretty soon we create a new way of thinking, which could for instance be to feel more compassion.

      As you quite rightly said, it is about recognising that we’re responsible for the way we feel. We don’t have to feel any particular way and no one can make us feel anything unless we choose to.

      Thanks so much for adding so much more value to this post, Sue.

      Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  3. Great topic, my friend. The common thread tying all your points together seems to be that joy is a choice, rather that it being a passive outcome. I’m with you on all of your points. On the nature one, Dr. Deepak Chopra says that, when we spend time in nature, our body gets synchronized to the rhythm of Mother Earth, and we feel a sense of well being. I find that to be true. Also, on your point about being of service, when our attention is focused on others, we have no time to feel sorry for ourselves or what we believe is lacking. Thanks for these great reminders!

    1. Hi Alice,

      I’m really glad you liked the topic of the post!

      Indeed, you’re right, the common theme in the post is that joy is a choice and we have the power to choose it!

      Thanks a lot for sharing Dr. Deepak’s Chopra’s thoughts on nature. He is correct. Spending time in nature is very healing and I guess this is what he is talking about when he says our bodies becoming in sync with Mother Nature.

      I think you described being of service, beautifully. When we are focused on others, our egos don’t get an opportunity to arise and create havoc in the form of feeling sorry for ourselves.

      Many thanks for adding so muchmore to this post, my friend. 🙂

  4. Hi Hiten,

    First of all, my complements for picking up such a topic that I believe everyone in the world wants to know about. Joyful Life – the end result behind each and every action taken by us humans.

    The only problem is that different people have different definitions for them about their joyful life and that is where the differences pop up. Something may sound joyful to me but not to you. Someone finds joy in earning millions of dollars while some other find joy in travelling to different places.

    I agree with the points mentioned by you but at the same time, I would like to add that living a true joyful life would simply mean doing something that we love to do without hurting anyone around us. If we can bring a smile on the faces of people around us, may be, that could be real joy of our life.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the topic.

    1. Hi Ashutosh,

      I’m so glad you liked the topic of the post and thanks for your words of appreciation.

      You made some really interesting points in your comment. You are right. People define what a joyful life is differently. I think each of us can consider those activities that truly make us happy and devote some time to engage in them.

      I loved what you wrote about how we can live more joyfully, through doing what we love without hurting anyone. Our true passions in life really can bring us joy. And you’re spot on about bringing a smile on the faces of others. It is a wonderful feeling when we do this.

      Many thanks for adding so much more value to this post, Ashutosh.

  5. Awesome topic. Some times we take our life so difficult so that we can’t enjoy a enjoyable moment. live a easy life don’t see the mistakes of others. Always want to gain the good from others. don’t be jealous with success of your near one. Set your life targets in small Parts & Celebrate big the every small achievement.

    1. Hi Gautam,

      I’m really glad you liked the topic of the post, my friend.

      Indeed, sometimes we can get too serious about life and when this happens we cease to find joy in the world.

      I loved what you wrote about not picking out the mistakes in others. No one is perfect. I’m really glad you made the point about jealousy and how we should refrain from being so. We can look for joy in the successes of others.

      Absolutely, setting small achievable goals and celebrating all of our successes, is a great recipe for making progress.

      Many thanks Gautam for adding so much more value to this post.

  6. Great advice, Hiten. Just the fact of putting in our mind to “live a joyful life” will change our perspective.

    Another way to generate joy is to just be nice to others. Hold the door for someone. Talk to someone in the elevator. Engage with people around you. You will be amazed by what joy those simple interactions will deliver to both you and the other people.

    Thanks for the call to live a joyful life!


    1. Hi Jon,

      I liked the way you described putting “living a joyful life’ as a fact in our minds. In this sense we can use it as an affirmation.

      I can also really appreciate what you wrote about being nice and kind to each other. This is another great example of the simplest things in life bringing us joy and to others, too.

      Many thanks for commenting, Jon. Hope you’re having a good week.

  7. Hiten – what a great list! I can feel how calm you are coming through your words.

    I would add – making time to create and nurture relationships. Human interaction is so vital to our well being. I know I begin to feel less joy when I don’t speak / see people (friends, relatives) for a while.

    1. Hi Razwana,

      I’m really glad you liked the list!

      I loved the additional way you shared to live a more joyful life; namely through creating good relationships. Absolutely, other people are definitely important for our wellbeing. Humans are social beings and when we interact with each other, it makes life so much more fun.

      Many thanks for commenting, my friend.

  8. Hi Hiten, a joyful list on living a joyful life. You’re set out the recipe for any of us to follow.

    I like the thought of seeing the best in others and also giving them the benefit of the doubt. I regularly try to put myself in others’ shoes so I can understand their situation.

    Also, service is important to me and I’ve always gravitated towards professional jobs and careers that allow me to help and serve people. The feeling of giving, helping others is priceless.

    Human relationships are also important as Razwana pointed out. And giving others leeway in those relationships. And forgiving them when they have to also brings us more joy and happiness into our lives.

    Finally, being thankful for all the small things in life is also a good joy formula. Thanks for encouraging us to live more joyous lives today, Hiten. Best part is all your tips don’t cause a cent 🙂

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      Many thanks for sharing your views and experiences of this area and for sharing additional ways of how we can live more joyfully. I really liked your approach of putting yourself into the shoes of others to gain a better perspective of what people might be experiencing, which usually has nothing to do with us.

      Indeed, I know service is one that is very close to your heart. Messages of doing service always come through beautifully in your posts. I agree, the feeling of helping others is one of the most special there is.

      As you quite rightly pointed out, forgiving others and being forgiven ourselves enables us and other people to be more joyful. Forgiveness helps us to get on with our lives and become happier. Resentment only holds onto ill will.

      I’m so glad you liked the post, Vishnu and many thanks for adding so much more to it. 🙂

  9. I’ve found a positive attitude and being optimistic about life and the future an essential key to achieving a high level of results that leads to success. Great things happen when we see the best in everyone and situation. Great post!

    1. Hi Dan,

      Ah, I just what you wrote in your comment, my friend!

      You are so right. Wonderful things do happen when we see the best in everything and everyone. Life suddenly becomes enjoyable. We become more peaceful and this positive energy spreads.

      Many thanks for sharing some great insights, Dan!

  10. Well said, as always Hiten. I agree fully with every point you’ve made, but especially about being of service. It seems as though each time in my life I’ve experienced a bump in the road, I was able to keep my attitude positive and upbeat by focusing on helping others. For example, when I was going through my divorce I volunteered at the local food bank and ended up chairing the county food drive. I like to think I made a difference in my community with that service, but I feel like I was the real winner in that partnership because that an amazing experience opened up so many new doors for me.

    1. Hi Marty,

      I’m glad you could resonate with the points in the post, and especially the one about being of service. Many thanks for sharing your experiences of volunteering when you were going through your divorce.

      Like you, I tool have found being of service a great source of strength, during difficult times.

      Thanks very much for adding more value to this post, Marty.

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  12. I really resonate with the first point you made about seeing the best in what you do. Last year, I worked a job I absolutely despised but I knew there was still some good coming from it. I was learning social skills and how to operate effectively under pressure.

    I am no longer working that job, but I definitely know those skills I learned at that job are helping me create my current business.

    Great insights Hiten!

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I’m so glad you could resonate with the point about seeing the best in what we do. The example you shared about your previous job is a brilliant one, and just shows how good can come out of an unpleasant situation.

      Many thanks for adding so much more to this post, Kevin.

  13. Hiten, I cannot agree with you more. You have to look positive and see the best in everyone to live a joyful life. Helping others is a great way to feel happy about yourself. I cannot say that I follow each and every point mentioned but I will try my best from now on. I like the idea of trying foods that you have not tried before.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      I’m really glad you could resonate with the points in the post. As you stated, it is important to be positive and look for the best in others, in order to be happy. As Vishnu said in his comment above, such things don’t cost a penny.

      Many thanks for commenting, my friend.

  14. […] If you are unhappy with your life, and the environments you’re in, change your attitude to the way you see the world. Focus on all the good things in your life. Even if you have one positive thing going for you in your life, then this is something. Look for the positives in others. […]

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