Do you find yourself in social situations where you meet a new person and are unsure of how to get into a conversation? Do you end up standing alone, feeling awkward? If so, the following tips will help you to confidently get into conversations with new people:


Before you’ve even uttered a word to a new person you want to meet, smile. Smiling will show the person you want to talk with that you are friendly and it is an excellent way to break the ice.

Be fun

Related to using your smile as in the tip above, is adopting an attitude of being fun. Doing so will make you feel happy and your positive energy will project onto the person you want to converse with.

Have a good introduction

When you go to introduce yourself to a new person, give the individual a handshake and say a simple “hi” or “hello”, followed by “it’s nice to meet you” and then tell, the individual your name.

Find areas of mutual interest

If the person you’re in a conversation with tells you about something, which you also have an interest in, or have an opinion about, then share your knowledge on the subject. This will help you to make a connection with the other person.

Let the other person talk

It’s wonderful if you get into a conversation with someone, where you both connect on an area. Naturally you’re excited to talk about your view on the topic. However, ensure you let the other person do a lot of the talking as well. A conversation is a two-way activity.

Interject to keep the conversation going

When you do talk, a technique you can use to continue the conversation, is to interject with a few words. For instance, if the person you’re talking with tells you something, you could say “I see”, or “I get it” and then ask a further question to get more clarification.

Use eye contact

When you’re talking with another person, use your eye contact with the individual. This will help to maintain the person’s attention on the conversation. Use eye contact gently without staring. It’s perfectly fine to look away occasionally, before looking at the person again.

Show interest

Go into a conversation with a genuine interest about the person you want to talk with. Ask questions which will allow the person to open up. This will help you to understand the individual more. You can do this by asking open-ended questions rather than those which require one word answers, such as “yes” and “no”.


Another great thing you can do is to repeat back and paraphrase what the person has said to you. This will help you to clarify that you truly understood what the person has said, and demonstrate to the other person that you’re listening properly.

Use your body language

When you do add something to the conversation, use your hands to gesture some of your points. This will help you to express yourself more, and you will seem more interesting to the other person.

My friends, it’s over to you:

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