Creating change in your life is fascinating. It can be a roller coaster journey and you will experience multiple emotions during the ride. It can be fun, daunting and exciting all at the same time.

However, you need to be able to create enough motivation in the first place to actually create change. This could be motivation to take the initial step. It could be motivation to continue once you’re already on the path. Below are some tips on how you can motivate yourself:

Remember you have nothing to lose

A major barrier you can face to creating change is fear. You may worry that you don’t have it in you to create the change you want to see in your life. You might fear that you will fail. If these instances, remember at a fundamental level you have nothing to lose.

By not doing anything you will remain where you are. By at least doing something, you give rise to the opportunity for something new to happen in your life.

Create goals

A sure way to breed a lack of motivation is not having spent enough time creating plans for your change. Some type of goal making is essential to help you be motivated. A mixture of writing down your goals, combined with visualising what it will be like for you and how you will have changed, when you have achieved your goals usually works best.

Get some help

Creating properly set goals will help. What will help even more is having someone like a mentor, friend, or family member to hold you accountable for your actions. For this you will need to tell someone you trust about the change you want to create. You can then report to to this individual when you have carried out certain actions you said you would. This will help to prevent you from slacking.

Increase your confidence

The point about confidence is an interesting one. Confidence is created initially through you taking action and developing evidence of your experiences. The more confident you become, this in turn will increase your motivation to make even more progress.

Use positive affirmations

Are you telling yourself all the things you can’t do and how you will never succeed? Instead, say the opposite and repeat to yourself that you are confident, or assertive, or attractive, or can have great relationships, or whatever you say you can’t be. The right words said to yourself in the correct way can do wonders for your motivation.

Remind yourself of what you value

You want to change because it is important to you. It is valuable. If you know what you goal is, but are still finding it hard to motivate yourself, remind yourself of why you want to change in the first place.

Remember what you will become when you have changed. Consider again, what you will have achieved and how it will put you into a far greater position to where you are now.

My friends, it’s over to you?

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