How to Motivate Yourself


Creating change in your life is fascinating. It can be a roller coaster journey and you will experience multiple emotions during the ride. It can be fun, daunting and exciting all at the same time.

However, you need to be able to create enough motivation in the first place to actually create change. This could be motivation to take the initial step. It could be motivation to continue once you’re already on the path. Below are some tips on how you can motivate yourself:

Remember you have nothing to lose

A major barrier you can face to creating change is fear. You may worry that you don’t have it in you to create the change you want to see in your life. You might fear that you will fail. If these instances, remember at a fundamental level you have nothing to lose.

By not doing anything you will remain where you are. By at least doing something, you give rise to the opportunity for something new to happen in your life.

Create goals

A sure way to breed a lack of motivation is not having spent enough time creating plans for your change. Some type of goal making is essential to help you be motivated. A mixture of writing down your goals, combined with visualising what it will be like for you and how you will have changed, when you have achieved your goals usually works best.

Get some help

Creating properly set goals will help. What will help even more is having someone like a mentor, friend, or family member to hold you accountable for your actions. For this you will need to tell someone you trust about the change you want to create. You can then report to to this individual when you have carried out certain actions you said you would. This will help to prevent you from slacking.

Increase your confidence

The point about confidence is an interesting one. Confidence is created initially through you taking action and developing evidence of your experiences. The more confident you become, this in turn will increase your motivation to make even more progress.

Use positive affirmations

Are you telling yourself all the things you can’t do and how you will never succeed? Instead, say the opposite and repeat to yourself that you are confident, or assertive, or attractive, or can have great relationships, or whatever you say you can’t be. The right words said to yourself in the correct way can do wonders for your motivation.

Remind yourself of what you value

You want to change because it is important to you. It is valuable. If you know what you goal is, but are still finding it hard to motivate yourself, remind yourself of why you want to change in the first place.

Remember what you will become when you have changed. Consider again, what you will have achieved and how it will put you into a far greater position to where you are now.

My friends, it’s over to you?

•    What other ways can you think of to help us increase our motivation?
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  1. Hi HIten,

    Yes, personally we can think that we have nothing to lose..From an NLP perspective we need to operate from a totally dissociated world, I guess.

    When our family is dependent on us we need to strike a balance and we may not be in a position to always embrace our fears..

    You are also right in saying about the guidance of a mentor or a coach…My mentor Ashok Subramaniam has a special way of giving feedback..

    Finally its the perception that matters and each individual’s life is different from the other and I think it might be a challenge to devise universally acceptable laws of life..

    What do you think, Hiten?


    1. Hi Rafi,

      Many thanks for your insightful comment!

      Indeed, I can resonate with you what you wrote. Life is such that there will be times when our priorities will be different and we need to look at those around us to help and support them. I think even if a person can spend 10% of their time on personal development, this is helpful.

      Certainly, devising universally acceptable laws of life would be very difficult. There are certain principles out there with regards to living properly and at least people have access to them, should they need inspiration and guidance in their lives.

      Thanks very much for your thought provoking comment, Rafi. It’s great to see you here, my friend.

  2. Self-motivation is always a difficult topic because there are just so many factors to cover. I’m glad you acknowledged this by hitting a lot of different points.

    What works for me is by making my goals known to my friends so that I have that extra push. There’s an extra willingness to get it done because I want to “save face,” plus they motivate you on the way too!

    1. Hi Vincent,

      I’m really glad you could connect with the point about making your goals known to your friends. That’s great and it’s excellent to hear that doing so really does help you!

      I really do think doing such things is one of the best ways to increase one’s motivation. As you said, suddenly our reputation is at stake and those close to us, as you also said, do act as genuine people to push us along.

      Many thanks for leaving your great comment, Vincent and for joining the discussion here!

  3. “Confidence is created initially through you taking action and developing evidence of your experiences.”

    That’s the key right there. Developing evidence of your experiences . . . I like how you put that. We need to make things happen and see some results before we ever actually start gaining confidence. Action must come first, otherwise we are just deluding ourselves.

    Action breeds results breeds confidence. Simple as that.


    1. Hi Trevor,

      I’m so glad you could appreciate the point about creating new evidence for the life we want and believe we can have. Such evidence will reinforce the belief in our abilities
      I loved your empowering comment and what you wrote about how action breeds results and results breed confidence. Indeed, this is how it is. As you said, it is a simple as that. Isn’t it amazing how it is the most simplest of truths, which have the more profound effects?

      Thanks very much for leaving such a motivational comment. I appreciate your support.

      Cheers and enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. Another quality article.
    For me CONFIDENCE is the key. This should be number one, because without this you wont be able to motivate yourself. This is what keeps you going in life.
    Don’t just think that you’re the best, prove it to yourself. You have to stay POSITIVE in whatever you do. Believe in yourself and doors will open.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Seun,

      I’m really glad you liked the article, mate!

      I loved what you wrote in your comment about confidence and what you said about not just thinking we’re the best, but proving it to ourselves. It got me thinking about another dimension to this.

      Indeed, we can make progress by changing the way we think about ourselves. However, we need to change these thoughts into beliefs and taking action is one of the best ways to do this.

      Thanks very much for leaving a powerful and thought provoking comment, Seun!

      Have a great rest of the week!

  5. Hiten,

    It not now, when? If not me, who? We need to realize we have one life to live so let’s make the most of it. The noise cannot get in the way. We need to focus on what matters and who matters. These thoughts keep me motivated in what I do and how I build relationships with my family and community.

    Great thoughts here, a great way to start the week!


    1. Hi Jon,

      Indeed, I think you summarised the sentiments of this post in your comment, brilliantly!

      Absolutely, if we’re not going to make any changes now, then when will we? If it is not us, then who is it? Your questions got me thinking of a very wise lady who is a member of one of public speaking groups. She reminded me once that we are living right now and are in no way rehearsing for another day.

      Whenever I feel myself being held back by fear, I remind myself of this principle.

      Thanks very much for sharing your experiences and wisdom around this area, Jon!

      Have a great rest of the week!

  6. You know motivation is so important that lack of it can lead to disastrous results. It happens many a times and sometimes it really lets you down. I like the idea of positive affirmation. I think having the right attitude or PMA, positive mental attitude is the right approach. The attitude when you say, have nothing to loose is so right. I think I might try this. Thanks for these tips.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      Thanks so much for leaving your comment and I’m glad you could connect with the point about positive affirmations. I personally had great success with these when I was younger. I found I had a lot of negative self-talk. It was positive affirmations, which taught me that I can choose how to think.

      As you quite rightly said, having a positive mental attitude can help so much. All us can learn to have a positive attitude. It goes back to really understanding and then exercising our ability to choose.

      Thanks very much for commenting, Shalu. I appreciate your support.

  7. Hi Hiten,

    Yet another wonderful and motivational post from you 🙂

    Sorry for stopping by a little late, just catching up with some work my end.

    I agree with all that you mentioned – we need to work on ourselves to motivate us, and that isn’t all that easy for some people, though if we get down to it – nothing’s difficult – isn’t it?

    Having self confidence in your ability is what works well I feel, and this comes when you have self-belief and self-esteem that you CAN do it – no matter what. You need to fight your fears and move ahead, without fearing the failures, which as I always say should be always taken as stepping stones to our success.

    Yes, if nothing works, you would need to seek help or advice from someone who can inspire and motivate you, though I feel if you think positive – you will find inspiration all around you. It’s all in the mind, and when we want something even the Law of Attraction works in our favor to get it. There are so many people and things that can motivate you, and when you compare yourself to the ones who don’t have as much as you do – or those who have much more than you – it motivates you to do something for them, or then become like them.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Ah, I’m so happy you enjoyed the post, my great friend.

      Indeed a lack of motivation is something we can all experience. After all, we’re humans. However, as humans we also do have the ability to become motivated once again. As you quite rightly said, it’s a matter of getting down to it. Where there is a will, there is a way. And if the change we desire really is that valuable, we will find a way!

      Absolutely, gaining confidence isn’t an easy ride and one needs to be prepared to put in the effort. As you said, one needs to fight the fears and the deeper the fears, the more effort it will need. I think in such situations, we need to think of ourselves as a child again, open our mind to all kinds of possibilities, try things out, make mistakes and learn.

      If only this aspect of the child’s mind continued into adulthood! What do you reckon, Harleena? I think so many problems would instantly cease being problems.

      I loved what you wrote about the Law of Attraction. Just a shift in our thinking to better thoughts and continued focus on such thoughts can do wonders for attracting all kinds of great things into our lives.

      Exactly, when we consider those who are less fortunate than ourselves, then it creates an inner motivation to help them!

      Thanks so much for leaving your brilliant comment, Harleena! Your support is greatly appreciated.

  8. Terrific tips and I couldn’t agree more with you about the importance of cultivating the ability to motivate ourselves. Motivation from other people can be a good start in building a positive attitude and outlook in life, but the reality is that we’re not always going to find the support and encouragement we need from other people. In fact, sometimes those nearest and dearest to us may have a vested interest in our not changing. Our inner cheerleader is what will propel us to the next level in life.

    1. Hi Marquita,

      Welcome to the blog and I’m so glad you liked the tips in this post!

      Indeed, I can resonate with what you wrote about becoming motivated through people and how one cannot depend on this way to remain motivated. I really appreciate what you wrote about those who know us the best and how they may not want us to change. Change in us also impacts others and other people may be displaying their own insecurities if they are resistant to our desire to change.

      Absolutely, we need to use that inner voice and do what needs to be done to realise the change. As long as it isn’t harming others, then we should not feel held back.

      Many thanks for your great comment, Marquita and for adding so much more to this post.

  9. My personal growth and being around other motivated people really inspires and motivates me. I also have found working in areas of passion really fuels a person .Great thoughts!

    1. Hi Dan,

      I’m so glad you liked the post, my friend!

      Thanks very much for adding further ways of how we can increase our motivation.

      Being surrounded by motivational people really does rub off on us. The right type of individuals can help us to stay motivated and encourage us to keep going.

      I totally agree with what you said about working in areas that we are passionate about. There is nothing like strong passion about some type of work, which literally excites us when we wake up in the morning and makes us want to get on with things.

      Thanks for leaving such a great comment, Dan!

      1. Your welcome:)

        People and working in our passions are important. I’m really careful about the people I spend my time with because I know they can lift me up or bring me down.

        1. Hi Dan,

          I can so resonate with what you wrote about being careful who you spend your time with. Indeed, hanging around with the wrong people can have a disastrous impact on us and can really affect our self-esteem, too.

  10. Hey Hiten,
    Thanks for this. Motivation varies from person to person. One needs to ‘want’ to do something and the ‘will’ to do it, both at the same time. Some are easily motivated, others .. well, they need a helping hand such as in your 2nd point above. Having a good mentor/coach will cut through the maze and get to the “motivation points” much easier.
    I like to ask clients this question … “What will happen/how will you feel, if you don’t do this?”
    Thanks again.
    Be good to yourself
    Life Coach. Listener. Life Lover.

    1. Hi David,

      I loved the way you explained the way motivation works and how it differs from person to person.
      Absolutely, as you quite rightly said, a coach/mentor helps to figure out how a person works in terms of being motivated and can use this as a way to assist the person to increase his/her motivation.

      Thanks so much for including the wonderful question, which you ask your clients! This is such a powerful question and can really help a person to prioritise what is important to him/her and move into action mode.

      Thanks very much for adding so much more to this post, David!

  11. Thanks for these reminders Hiten! While I know many of these thing, I still need to be reminded! I especially love positive affirmations.
    Great post!

    1. Hi Betsy,

      I’m glad you liked these reminders! Indeed, I love positive affirmations, too! It was through positive affirmations that I first learnt I could choose how I wanted to talk to myself!

      Thanks very much for leaving your comment, Betsy. I appreciate your support!

  12. For me it is also essential to take good care of my physical, mental, and emotional health to get and stay motivated. I don’t feel motivated when I feel hungry, angry, lonely, or tired- or if I do it’s only fleeting! When I start with health motivation comes much easier for me.

    Great topic! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Hiten! 🙂


    1. Hi Chrysta,

      It’s great to see you!

      I loved what you wrote in your comment about how knowing that you are well, physically, mentally and emotionally helps you to be motivated. The more I think about it, the more I can see the truth of this. Indeed, one would need to be happy in these areas to truly be motivated in a way, where she/he is so for an extended period.

      Thanks very much for leaving your comment and adding so much to this post!

  13. Hello Hiten, Nice post and informative. I think trying to stay motivated in what you do takes some work because we sometimes get side track. I love what I do so it’s not really hard for me to stay focus on being productive online and in real life.

    I’ve always put everything I have in to what I do and I never do it half way. Believing in your self will also help you stay motivated.

    Thank you so much for another great ready my friend. Have a great week.

    1. Hi Rob,

      I’m really glad you liked the post, my friend. I loved what you wrote about it not being hard for you to be motivated, as you love what you do. I find this to be so true, as well. When we really enjoy what we do, there is a natural spring in our step, which requires little if any help to bounce up! 🙂

      Your attitude of putting everything you have into what you do and not leaving things half way is amazing. With this type of approach, success is inevitable.

      Thanks very much for leaving your great comment, Rob. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a great week ahead.

  14. Hey Hiten – great tips for self-motivation. This is something we could use a dose of all day, everyday. The most successful people, I believe, are the most motivated ones to get things done.

    Pursuing goals and achieving them is one way to get motivated for sure. YOu’re then on the path to completing the goals you set out for yourself.

    A couple other ways I think we can be motivated- probably the most important one you mentioned in your article – looking at what you value. Tim Brownson talks a lot about values really shaping our lives and out motivation and everything else. If we value something, we will get it done. We will be motivated enough to pursue it and not stop at any cost. If we don’t value something, we procrastinate and delay. To be motivated, try to find the value in completing the project and starting the task.

    The other thing about motivation for me is I’ve found it builds. Momentum creates motivation. You just have to start one thing and keep doing it. You’ll soon have momentum and that will motivate yu to keep going. Small steps every day and before you know it, you’re running a marathon:)

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      Thank you so much for leaving your comment and I’m really glad you liked the tips in the post!

      I agree with what you said about those who are really successful being motivated. The motivation is just apparent through what they say and do, and they are highly focused too.

      I appreciate what you wrote about values and I can connect with what you said about how we will get something done, if we value it. The point you wrote about how we can procrastinate when we don’t value something enough was really interesting. It got me thinking of the connection between procrastination and fear. We can at times avoid doing things because we’re fearful of doing so. In a similar way, we tend to procrastinate when we don’t value something enough.

      Indeed there will always be certain activities, which we won’t enjoy as much as others. However, we will still be required to do them. We can do as you said, and look for the value in completing the project. I’ll go over to Tim’s blog soon. I’m due a visit. He really writes very interesting articles.

      I loved what you wrote about how the building of momentum helps to create motivation. Many thanks for adding this to the list of how we can create motivation.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Vishnu! 🙂

  15. Well, after we doing all the thing in the article, we must always pray for getting better result and always keep motivating.

  16. Hey Hiten!

    I really love reading your posts. They’re filled with a spirit of positiveness.

    Confidence is the key, I believe. When we do things with enough of confidence, we are not scared of the result. Because, we are confident.

    Goal setting is another great tip. I do this often. Because, when I get vexed of my day routine, I kind-of go lazy and procrastination takes me over. At times, I think of what all I’m supposed to do and what all I’ve missed doing just because of my laziness. That boost me up and I get back to routine.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Koundeenya,

      I’m really glad your enjoying reading the posts, my friend.

      I loved what you wrote about confidence and not being afraid of the result when we are confident. This is so true. When we are confident, we can also brush off ‘failures’ so much more easily, as well.

      I totally agree with the point you made about goal setting. I too, find it so much more easier to carry out plans after I’ve spent some time initially, thinking about exactly what I want to do and why I’m doing so.

      Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, Koundeenya and for leaving your great comment!

  17. Hi Hiten

    Wonderful post on motivation. I think you really described it best when you referred to “value”. I think we miss the mark and forget about the true value to us when we are trying to get motivated. If the deep seated value doesn’t ring true to us, we are going to have a hard time sticking to whatever it is we think we want to accomplish.

    Many times I have thought I really wanted to do it all and after evaluating the whole commitment, in fact that is not at all what I want to do. Maybe I should “need” to do, but don’t really want to. I once read that motivation is something we need to be pushed into doing. If it was something we wanted to do we would just do it. Once one finds the reason and the value to themselves it should not be something we need to be motivated about. We would be happy to get up in the morning to do it. Whatever the “it” is.

    Shall have to work on attitude and maybe the reason and value will transpire.


    1. Hi Mary,

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the post!

      I loved what you wrote about the importance of value in your comment. It does seem like the value of achieving something really is so powerful that it can determine whether we will stick it out and continue with the journey, or find excuses as to why we can’t do it.

      Thanks a lot of sharing your experiences around this area. I really appreciate what you wrote about what you read about motivation as being something we need to be pushed into, and if it was something we wanted, we would just get on with it. I think this is so true. Indeed, many times we find it hard to do activities, which we really need to, yet we avoid them due to all kinds of reasons. As you said, we can find the real reason and value behind doing such activities, and after doing so, we won’t need to be motivated. This is great!

      Thanks a lot for leaving your brilliant comment, Mary and for adding so much more to this post.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  18. Hiten, I enjoyed the article and the additional conversation in the comments so far. This might sound odd, but sometimes what motivates me is considering the alternative. For example, I’ve been struggling with a particular situation lately. I know the way I’m thinking about it is not helpful, but I’m having a hard time shifting my perspective in a better direction. I simply was not motivated enough. So I thought about where my current direction was taking me–not a place I wanted to be. Considering that undesirable alternative motivated me enough to take the better path. Did that make sense? Hope so!

    1. Hi Galen,

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the article and indeed, I know exactly what you mean. If I’ve understood you correctly, a way you to use to get motivated, is by considering the consequences of where your thinking/perspective is leading you to. This is a place where you don’t want to go and hence, you use this as a way to do something else, which will help you get unstuck from the problem.

      This is a brilliant way to increase one’s motivation and many thanks for sharing it, Galen! Have a good week ahead.

  19. Hello Hiten,

    A big part of motivation comes from money earned in a month, if earnigs are low my motivation is low too, is earnins looks good I work even harder. That’s it 😛

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania

    1. Hi Daniel,

      I can appreciate what you wrote in your comment. When one is making a lot of money, this can increase motivation to make even more. I think one can also use a lack of earnings to increase activities that will help to bring in money.

      Thanks so much for adding more to this post.

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