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Do you play with never ending energy and vitality?

If so … and I hope that you do, what about in the ‘Big Game’? The biggest game of all … the Game of Life. Do you play with the same energy for this?

Let me get back to this point a little later.

The main difference (or maybe an advantage?) with this “game of Life”, is that you can play with rules or without. A major key, I have found is to play by “rules” that will give you the best chance to win. So, what’s the big surprise there?

The Start of Play

Most of the games that we play have core guidelines that have been left largely untouched since inception. These form the base and structure of the game. As time goes on however, some of the ‘supporting’ guidelines get tinkered with. Interpretations of these rules change and they are adapted to suit current times and circumstances.

The game of Life is much the same, yet on a terrifically larger scale.

We have our core beliefs/commandments/values. And we have many other ‘beliefs’ which are sometimes varied through the ages … [though some of these simply refuse to change, it seems.]

When you are playing with ‘old habits & beliefs’, ones that are best suited to another day and age, you are not really in the game. You will get left behind. Playing the game of Life to its full extent will require you to stay on top of your game. Old habits and beliefs simply do not cut it when you want to play today’s game for its full value.

During play – the first half

Establish your attack and defence. This will be what you can rely on when things get tough. This will be the Values that you live by or, for the game, let’s call them “decisive plays”. For example, my top 6 personal Values are; Integrity, Positive Attitude, Freedom, Family, Feeling, Ethics.

Now, you may wish to choose decisive plays that will be ‘game breakers’. You know, things that will give you an edge over any opposition that you are likely to encounter.

Opposition like ….. negative thoughts, procrastination, doubt, laziness. No doubt you can add a few of your own. I think you get the idea. Now your game breakers may be something like … “freedom of choice”, “positive thoughts”, “Big dreams’, “never give up”, “fertile Imagination”.

These will give you added flexibility over and above those who are using old beliefs. (They will encounter various opposition and be unable to deal with it). These decisive plays allow you additional creativity.

Old beliefs and habits stunt your growth and keep you ‘inside the box of normalcy’. You then lack the ability to free yourself and express who you really are.

Half – Time

Review your strategies. Have you been caught “off side”, let yourself down with poor habits? How many successes have you had? Has your defence let you down? What is working well … what needs to change? How are your Energy levels?

Play on – the second half

“The very best way to end a day … is to look forward to the great beginning that you are going to create tomorrow” ….. the same with playing the Big Game.

If you have had a poor first half, (whatever length of time that you have been playing with old habits and beliefs), look forward to creating a great second half.

Alternatively, if your first half has been satisfying, build upon that to create more of the same. Or go harder and create even greater satisfaction!

To do this, you must have the energy and vitality necessary to elevate your level of play. Your Goals and Dreams must be vivid … and must have sufficient reward to drive you on. Your energy can be sourced from setting meaningful goals, having dreams that set your world alight and being open to all the wonderful opportunities that are there when you are aware and focused.

This is the money end of play. A time to consolidate your learnings regarding the state of play and apply them to your game. You are now looking at creating winning strategies that will see you play with Freedom and expand the way that you play so that You can play the best game of Your Life!

Post Match

Well this I hope comes much, much later on. Because I want you to play on. There is no end time until you call it. No matter what your current age, you have the ability to play a Big Game … and enjoy the fruits of your great play.

How well you play depends on the tools that you have developed along the way. Stay sharp, be aware … and focused on the things that give you the greatest satisfaction.

Play well my friends.

Be good to yourselves


Life Coach. Listener. Solution Finder.

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About the Author:

David Stevens is a Life Coach who has a passion for helping Mid Lifers achieve their dreams and goals. David is a Specialist Listener and Solution Finder. He loves to break old fashioned Rules and create ones that allow him to Grow … and help You do the same.

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