How to Play the Game of Your Life


This is a wondeful guest post by my good friend David Stevens. Please join me in giving David a very warm welcome.

Do you play with never ending energy and vitality?

If so … and I hope that you do, what about in the ‘Big Game’? The biggest game of all … the Game of Life. Do you play with the same energy for this?

Let me get back to this point a little later.

The main difference (or maybe an advantage?) with this “game of Life”, is that you can play with rules or without. A major key, I have found is to play by “rules” that will give you the best chance to win. So, what’s the big surprise there?

The Start of Play

Most of the games that we play have core guidelines that have been left largely untouched since inception. These form the base and structure of the game. As time goes on however, some of the ‘supporting’ guidelines get tinkered with. Interpretations of these rules change and they are adapted to suit current times and circumstances.

The game of Life is much the same, yet on a terrifically larger scale.

We have our core beliefs/commandments/values. And we have many other ‘beliefs’ which are sometimes varied through the ages … [though some of these simply refuse to change, it seems.]

When you are playing with ‘old habits & beliefs’, ones that are best suited to another day and age, you are not really in the game. You will get left behind. Playing the game of Life to its full extent will require you to stay on top of your game. Old habits and beliefs simply do not cut it when you want to play today’s game for its full value.

During play – the first half

Establish your attack and defence. This will be what you can rely on when things get tough. This will be the Values that you live by or, for the game, let’s call them “decisive plays”. For example, my top 6 personal Values are; Integrity, Positive Attitude, Freedom, Family, Feeling, Ethics.

Now, you may wish to choose decisive plays that will be ‘game breakers’. You know, things that will give you an edge over any opposition that you are likely to encounter.

Opposition like ….. negative thoughts, procrastination, doubt, laziness. No doubt you can add a few of your own. I think you get the idea. Now your game breakers may be something like … “freedom of choice”, “positive thoughts”, “Big dreams’, “never give up”, “fertile Imagination”.

These will give you added flexibility over and above those who are using old beliefs. (They will encounter various opposition and be unable to deal with it). These decisive plays allow you additional creativity.

Old beliefs and habits stunt your growth and keep you ‘inside the box of normalcy’. You then lack the ability to free yourself and express who you really are.

Half – Time

Review your strategies. Have you been caught “off side”, let yourself down with poor habits? How many successes have you had? Has your defence let you down? What is working well … what needs to change? How are your Energy levels?

Play on – the second half

“The very best way to end a day … is to look forward to the great beginning that you are going to create tomorrow” ….. the same with playing the Big Game.

If you have had a poor first half, (whatever length of time that you have been playing with old habits and beliefs), look forward to creating a great second half.

Alternatively, if your first half has been satisfying, build upon that to create more of the same. Or go harder and create even greater satisfaction!

To do this, you must have the energy and vitality necessary to elevate your level of play. Your Goals and Dreams must be vivid … and must have sufficient reward to drive you on. Your energy can be sourced from setting meaningful goals, having dreams that set your world alight and being open to all the wonderful opportunities that are there when you are aware and focused.

This is the money end of play. A time to consolidate your learnings regarding the state of play and apply them to your game. You are now looking at creating winning strategies that will see you play with Freedom and expand the way that you play so that You can play the best game of Your Life!

Post Match

Well this I hope comes much, much later on. Because I want you to play on. There is no end time until you call it. No matter what your current age, you have the ability to play a Big Game … and enjoy the fruits of your great play.

How well you play depends on the tools that you have developed along the way. Stay sharp, be aware … and focused on the things that give you the greatest satisfaction.

Play well my friends.

Be good to yourselves


Life Coach. Listener. Solution Finder.

Over to you friends:

  • What are you thoughts on the Game of Your Life?
  • How are you currently playing the Game?
  • Please share your valuable views, thoughts and experiences in the comments box below.
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About the Author:

David Stevens is a Life Coach who has a passion for helping Mid Lifers achieve their dreams and goals. David is a Specialist Listener and Solution Finder. He loves to break old fashioned Rules and create ones that allow him to Grow … and help You do the same.

You can find David at various points on the Internet and his website at is a great place to start.

  1. Hello David, welcome to Hiten’s blog. Very interesting take on the game of your life. It certainly is a game. Things like negative thoughts, procrastination, doubt, laziness and so on are the things that bring you down. The game is a hard game to play but you must keep going. I like the idea of meaningful goals.

    1. Thankyou for the welcome Shalu … Yes it can be a tough game at times, negativity will get you down. Look for the positive angle as often as you can.
      Be good to yourself

    2. Hi Shalu,

      Indeed, I agree that David has a very interesting perspective on the game of life. In particular, the different stages David has explained, which are similar to the parts of a football match for example, lend very well to what stage a person is in when moving through life and as David has explained in his post, what one needs to do in each stage.

      Many thanks for commenting, Shalu. 🙂

  2. David,
    Welcome to Dr Hiten’s blog. 🙂
    This is a WoW post, very interesting. We are all distracted by the things of the world. Music,our negative thoughts etc We are all learners and we will keep learning.
    Thanks for the share.

    1. Hi Seun,
      Being a Life long Learner keeps the doors of possibility open. Thankyou for contributing.
      be good to yourself

    2. Hi Seun,

      I agree, when David sent across his post, I was so excited, as I knew it was going to be a winner!

      I loved what you said about how we are all learners and that we will keep learning. Indeed, David also is a massive advocate of lifelong learning.

      Many thanks for commenting Seun and for supporting David.

  3. Hi David,
    Well those are some really interesting points…. Life is a game and we are ts players. Its upto us to enjoy or just play as an ordinary humans… cheers

    1. Hi Ansh,
      Play often, keep active in the game. Your results will mirror how well you play.
      be good to yourself

    2. Hi Ansh,

      I loved your comment and I’m so glad you enjoyed David’s post!

      As you said, we are the players and we have the choice to actually turn up to the game and play, or flow through life as if we have no control of where we’re heading.

      Thanks very much for your comment!

  4. A great way to think about our life as well as live it, David. Adding in a quarter check would be good, too. Checkpoints are important and they shouldn’t be discouraging. They should encourage us to ensure we are making the right plays and achieving what we are playing for. Thanks! Jon

    1. That’s fair enough Jon …
      Regular checking and debriefs will keep your game alive … thanks for contributing that.
      Be good to yourself

    2. Hi Jon,

      Indeed, adding in additional checks for reviewing progress, learning from mistakes and internalising good practice is a great addition to playing the game of life, as David has explained in his post.

      Many thanks for leaving your comment, Jon! Much appreciated.

  5. Welcome to Hiten’s blog, David!

    What a wonderful analogy between game and life. You know I always tell my children that life is a game, you should know it’s rules, and play by them. And, you’ve put that into a detailed and well-thought description for general understanding.

    You send a great message to accept and adopt to change – change of habits and beliefs, which are very essential for personal growth, development, and evolution.

    I agree with you that forming of fundamental core values is the first step towards creating a solid character. That defines how prepared you’re to take up the life’s challenges with time, and your personal values are spot on – I may just add self-belief. I think that unless you believe in yourself, you cannot do or play anything as you should.

    And, of course, there should be the sport person’s spirit – it’s not always about winning, but fair participation without breaking the rules, and having the will to complete the game or race, howsoever you perform, without the thoughts or desire of reward.

    Never lose hope and always believe you can achieve is what I learn from your second half. You may need to re-evaluate and re-group your values and reconsider your strategy – be flexible and progressive.

    I believe you go on playing this game of life till your last breath. And, some say, the game continues even beyond! 🙂 Your final reward then, depends on how well you played your game. I also believe that we all play the game, knowingly or unknowingly – if you’re alive, then you’re into the game, whether you like it or not, want it or not.

    Further, the ones who realize they’re into the game, understand it’s rules, pick the best tools, and use the right strategies, find themselves well ahead and top of others.

    A great thought-stimulating post and good to read.

    Thanks Hiten for having David on your blog with this wonderful post. Have a nice day, both of you 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,
      Thankyou for this rousing welcome and thankyou for your well thought response. There’s a lot to playing this ‘game of Life’ and we play in different ways. The important thing I believe … is to play … and to learn along the way.
      Be good to yourself

    2. Hi Harleena,

      I’m so glad you liked David’s analogy between game and life. I agree, it’s a great one!

      I loved what you wrote about accepting and adapting to change. Sometimes I think it is the ability of a person to do this single one thing, which will determine whether that person flows through life happily or with massive resistance.

      Indeed, I appreciate what you wrote about the need for self-belief. This self-belief might be big or even very small, especially if what we’re doing is unfamiliar. In the latter case, it doesn’t matter, as somewhere underlying it will also be hope for something better and then the more we progress, our belief in ourselves will increase.

      Many thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment Harleena and for supporting David, who indeed as wrote an amazing post. Hope you’re having a good break, Harleena.

  6. Hiten, thank you for featuring David’s wisdom. I’m sure his game analogy resonates with many. Metaphors are a great way to bring otherwise abstract concepts into a digestible frame. We do need to be clear about our core values and beliefs, so that we can live an authentic life. Beyond that, it’s important to review our attitudes, patterns and habits that may have served a purpose at one point in our life but no longer do. That’s time to purge those outdated life strategies. Thank you for this piece, which, again, I’m sure is a delight to those who appreciate sports with half time, etc. 🙂

    1. Hi Alice,

      Indeed, David’s game analogy is a great method to keep referring to, when we’re progressing in life. I agree with your point about metaphors being wonderful ways to explain higher level concepts. It’s a bit like the use of stories also, as great ways to teach principles.

      Many thanks for adding your additional approaches to David’s post, including being clear about our values and reviewing our thoughts attitudes and behaviours. Such reviews are very important, because as you said, they enable us to discard old strategies.

      Many thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment, Alice!

  7. Hello Alice,
    Thankyou for your welcome. You have highlighted some important points … couldn’t agree more.
    Be good to yourself

  8. David,
    I really like how you compared life to a game! Especially how negative thoughts are the opposition. Great metaphors!!
    Perfect for your blog Hiten!!

    1. Thanks Betsy,
      Appreciate your kind words and for visiting here.
      Be good to yourself

    2. Hi Betsy,

      I really liked David’s comparison to life as a game as well, and I agree the metaphors he’s used are brilliant. I think remembering that life is a game also enables us to not take things and ourselves too seriously.

      It’s great to see you here, Betsy and thanks for leaving your comment!

  9. Interesting way to look at things David. I’d say that the game of life is all about living by your own rules. Living how YOU want to live.

    To hell with what the “officials” say.

    This is YOUR life. YOUR game. And you gotta play it how YOU choose.

    You play it for you, for your friends and family, for the legacy you plan to leave. But you play it on YOUR terms . . . all else be damned.

    That’s a good game . . .

    That’s a good life.


    1. Hi Trevor,

      Many thanks for adding your excellent views and thoughts to David’s post!

      The point you made about rules was an interesting. So often we play by rules set by others. However, these rules may not necessarily be the best ones to help us progress in life. It is important to be vigilant about this and where rules are not serving us appropriately, do what you say, and make up some of our own. Our core values can be an excellent initial guide to what we want to achieve. Once we know these values, we need to have faith that what we will do and the way we will do it (which may change many times), will eventually lead us to where we want to go.

      Many thanks for leaving such a great comment, Trevor!

  10. Absolutely agree Trevor!
    Keep it legal, keep it Happy, minimise Regrets.
    Be good to yourself

  11. Enjoyed your article very much David – though I must confess I’m not a game player or sports fan, so I’m afraid the analogy is lost on me. That said, I like your points, especially how you recommend evaluating how the game is being played. I do believe it is so important to periodically stop and take stock of what’s happening in our lives. I make a point of spending a full day each month in planning mode – part of that is evaluating recent work and activities, and celebrating even small victories. The rest of the day I focus on organizing my thoughts and plans for the coming months. I suppose this process would be similar to your half time. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Marty,

      I’m really glad you liked David’s article. Many thanks for sharing your approach to planning. I think the way you take out one day every month to review recent work and plan for the future, while celebrate small victories is great. Indeed, we need to keep reminding ourselves of all the progress we’re making all time, no matter how small the achievement may be.

      Thanks very much for leaving your great comment!

  12. Hi Marquita,
    Thankyou for taking the time to contribute your valuable thoughts. Your points re taking stock, organising thoughts, planning and very importantly … celebrating your victories are especially valid. Thankyou again … do consider taking some time to “play” … you might surprise yourself.
    Be good to yourself

  13. Thank you Hiten for introduction us to David Stevens!

    Life is defiantly the greatest game we play. I believe the foundation of playing a good life game is having and maintain our character and integrity. That’s a value everyone should strive to have. Wonderful post David!

    1. Hi Dan,

      I’m really glad you enjoyed David’s post!

      I loved the way you defined life as being the greatest game we’ll play. You’re so right, my friend. And I really appreciate what you wrote about our greatest values being the maintenance of our character and our integrity. Indeed, doing these two things alone goes a long way to living in a grounded and wholesome way.

      Many thanks for commenting, Dan and for supporting David.

      1. It’s also a game that can never be redone which is why we have to live a intentional and disciplined life. So we create and build something that will last long after we are gone.

    2. Thankyou Dan, your words are very much appreciated. Your points are well grounded and will enable you to play a full game.
      Be good to yourself

  14. Hi Hiten and David-

    Great post David on using the metaphor of sports as a way of being in the game of life ~
    it is a great reminder about giving up old ways of thinking- much appreciate.
    Hiten, thanks so much for hosting this prolific friend of mine 🙂 Fran

    1. Hi Fran,

      Indeed, it’s been such a pleasure to have David over at the blog. His post really is a special one and I so glad it’s been received so well.

      I agree with you, Fran. The metaphor of playing a sports match being like the game of life is wonderful and I thank David for sharing his expertise with us.

      Thanks to you too, Fran for dropping by and leaving your comment. 🙂

  15. Hi Fran,
    Thankyou so much for visiting and for your generous comment. Yes, the old ways of thinking(the ones that no longer serve us), deserve to be in the past.
    Be good to yourself

  16. Hi David and Hiten

    What an interesting and simplified way to look at life.

    We definitely all have our own rules for the game. How well we have played can affect how we get to live it. But when we have not done so well we can always look at things a little more objectively and make up a new game plan to fix our problems. Do nothing to correct our circumstances will leave us exactly where we are at.

    Shall have to look at everything positive I am doing and everything positive I could be doing and come up with a new game plan.

    Great post.


    1. Hi Mary,

      I’m really glad you liked David’s post and thanks for adding your contributions. In particular, I really appreciate what you wrote about making up a new game plan when our initial attempts haven’t worked out so well.

      I loved what you wrote about making effort to look at everything positive you’re doing and everything positive you could be doing. I never considered this type of attitude before, and indeed it is very powerful.

      It’s great to see you here, Mary and thanks for leaving your wonderful comment!

  17. Hi there Mary,
    I like simple … and I like interesting … appreciate your kind words and contribution. Great point you make about adjusting your game when things aren’t going right. We all have that choice however some choose to do so, some don’t … more’s the pity.
    Thanks again.
    Be good to yourself

  18. hi Hiten – thanks so much for featuring David here. David, the one thing about games and sports is how much strategizing and thought goes into it. And if something doens’t work on the field, you go to the blackboard and start over. You consciously try to fix or improve the situation.

    Also to make changes and succeed in sports, one needs to perfect their game and keep trying. Persistence and determination pay off. Same as in life. So many good analogies about sports to life.

    Why don’t we stop watching sports and play the game of our life more:) ?

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      It’s been absolutely wonderful to have David over at the blog and many thanks for your great comment, my friend.

      You shared some excellent insights into this topic about the analogy between games and life. As you said, the great thing about games is that one or a team can always go back to the drawing board in order to fix mistakes. We can do the same with life itself.

      I agree, let’s all play some more of the game of our life!

      Thanks for commenting, Vishnu. Much appreciated.

  19. Hello Vishnu,
    Yes, the Game of Life can be so much more fun to play than watching other sports. The points you have made in your generous comment all make sense to me. Keep adjusting your game when necessary, keep trying, keep persisting and … most importantly … keep playing.
    Be good to yourself

  20. HI David.. The Game Of Life. Indeed we only have one so why not live it the best way you can Right? I really like how you mentioned that if you had a poor first half to make the second half better. Great way to look at life. Thanks for sharing Chery 🙂

    1. Hi Chery,

      Welcome to the blog!

      I just loved what you wrote in your comment. Indeed, we have this one particular life, so we might as well live it to the fullest. Like you, I think the way David explained life by comparing it to sports and games, is great.

      Many thanks for commenting.

  21. Hi Chery,
    Thankyou for being here. I hope that both you and I have a momentous 2nd half in Life. We all have Choice as to how we live and play. We can change our game plan if things aren’t working out so that we play better … and Yes, we have only one life to live so it’s best that we make the most of it.

    Be good to yourself

  22. It was an incredibly god comparison. On one hand, mastering the art of living is very much like learnig how to play a new game. On the otehr hand, I think that we shouldn’t take life too seriously. A touch of humor can save us in different situations. Even though we don’t have the options “save the game” or “start a new game”, we shouldn’t worry too much about every single trifle.

    1. Hi there David,
      Humour is a great tool to have and to use to best effect. Laugh at the ‘situation’ or indeed laugh at yourself can put things in an entirely different perspective. Thanks a gain.
      Be good to yourself

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