Do you find your life heading in a direction, which you don’t want it to? Are you fed up with the results you’re achieving in your personal life, or at work?

If so, it’s worth considering how much your current expectations might be contributing to what you are achieving.

Below are some tips on setting expectations, to help you get your life moving in the way you want it to:

You are good enough

In order to get more in life, you need to expect more. In order to expect more, you need feel deserving.

Instead of telling yourself you don’t deserve to be a certain way, or convincing yourself you’re not good enough, say “yes” to the fact that you are good enough to do whatever it is you want to, and that you can achieve what you want.

Remember, you deserve to be the very best and have the best of what life has to offer. The belief that you don’t is false and reject it with a big “no”.

Raise your standards

Related to the point above, is setting your standards high. It only makes sense to do so. If you want a better paid job, then you need to up your game in terms of working harder, developing your skills and actually applying for roles that are highly paid.

What is it currently that you want in life? It could be better health, or wealth in terms of greater finances, or greater inner peace, or being able to spend more time in better states, have richer relationships etc.

Whatever it is, imagine its corresponding highest level. This is the level to set your expectations at.

Aim for the stars, my friends. Even if you don’t reach the stars there are many things way up in the sky that are close to the stars, which themselves are great goals to aim for.

Ignore other’s expectations

When you expect more in life, others will notice. They will see you’re attempting to create changes in your life. Some will be supportive. Others won’t. Those who don’t support you might be happy to see you in your impoverished position.

Ignore those who are close to you in the most compassionate way as you can. They’re most likely afraid you will change and might leave them behind. Reassure them this isn’t the case. Even encourage them to raise their own standards!

Condition yourself for high levels of achievement

If you can see yourself achieving high standards in your endeavours and see yourself living the life you want on the screen of your mind, first, then it can be a reality for you.

Visualise yourself already living the life you want, being the best you can and having what you want. Make it as real as possible so that it feels like you already have it.

When you’ve done this type of visualisation once, do it again and again. And another time for luck.

In truth though, luck has very little to do with it. What you’re doing is commissioning your brain to go and seek out in the real world, what you’ve already made a reality in your mind.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• What ways do you use to raise your game, and set your expectations in life higher?
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Photo Credit: aprillynn77