How to use anchoring to help with stammering

In today’s Stuttering Hub Video Show I explain the effectiveness of using anchors for stammering. Be sure to follow the steps in this post, after you’ve watched the video to create an anchor for yourself!


The Key Steps in Creating and Accessing Anchors

1. Identify the state

Identify the desired state or response you want (e.g assertiveness).

2. Evoke the state

Remember a time when you felt the state you want. So, if you want assertivness, remember when you felt really assertive. Allow any thoughts to arise in your mind. Allow yourself to feel assertive again. And as you begin to experience what it’s like to be assertive, amplify it even more, from the tips of your toes to the top of you head.

3. Anchor the state

Just as you are reaching the peak of the state (it’s important that the state is at its highest intensity, so you can feel it strongly in the future), set a physical anchor by touching your arm, pressing two fingers together, or your shoulder. Remember exactly what it’s like to be in this state.

4. Practice stepping into and out of the state

First come out of the state. Just notice what is around you, shake your head a little, and in a moment fire off the anchor by either touching your arm or shoulder (or wherever you chose in step 3) and allow yourself to re-experience the state.

5. Use the anchor

Think of a time when this state would really helpful. Say you want to be assertive when asking for a bus ticket. Think about doing this and fire off the anchor, and allow yourself to feel assertive. Then go out and ask for a bus ticket. Before you do, set the anchor going again.



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