Human interaction is a wonderful dance between you and others. However, as you’ll know from your own experiences, interacting and communicating with others isn’t always a smooth ride.

Disagreements can happen in your personal and professional life. You can get upset. Other people can also get upset at you. In effect, you can find yourself in conflict with other people.

Usually, falling out with people is not a nice experience. It can stop people talking to each other and friendships and relationships can get damaged.

If you find yourself in conflict, then it is always wise to talk through issues with other people involved, to ask questions and to figure our amicable solutions in a fair way. This is important to help ensure the conflict doesn’t escalate, which can potentially impact even more people.

There are also a number of ways you can apply mindfulness and your own self-awareness to help you deal with conflicts and stay resourceful. Read the following tips to see how:

Allow the moment to pass

If a family member, friend, colleague or associate says something and you notice your blood beginning to boil, see how long you can last without actually reacting. Notice the feelings of discomfort arising in you and be present with them.

Don’t become attached to the uncomfortable feelings and allow them to pass away without identifying with them. This will then enable you to focus on resolving problems calmly.

Another way of look at this is through your ego. It is your ego that it really reacting. And your true self is far more than your ego, which you can choose to ignore.

Allow the moment for others to pass too

Just like your own reactions to conflict will pass, so will others’ responses. Give people (and their egos) time and space to get over any issues they may have had with you.

Recognise the differences in perspectives

Each one of us has a differing view of the world, of experiences, situations and circumstances.

You can nip conflicts in the bud just by appreciating that other people will have different opinions to you and considering how you can combine your views and those of others to create something new.

Put yourself in the shoes of others

In a conflict you may have legitimate grievances. However, in many cases a conflict can be resolved simply by putting yourself into the shoes of others.

By doing this, you get a better insight of exactly what the individual is going through. Perhaps he/she has been particularly pressured through work lately and their conflict with you is a symptom of that.

Keep the conflict isolated

By spending more time in the present moment, you ensure you’re not pondering on the conflict for too long. By doing this, you increase your ability to isolate the conflict, so that it doesn’t affect other areas of your life.

Remember, you are always more than any experience you might be having. In the same way, you’re far more than any conflict. Hence you have the ability to ensure the conflict doesn’t spread.

My friends, it’s over to you:

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Photo Credit: Frenkieb