How to use states to help with stammering

Typically throughout a day you will go through a number of different emotions. You might wake up in the morning and feel energetic, ready for a new day. You might then end up running a little late because of traffic and you experience some frustration. You arrive at work and have an important sales meeting, and you feel a little anxiety. You’re then relaxing a little when you have your lunch. After you’ve eaten you might be feeling a little sleepy as you sit at your desk.

You get the picture…

In the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) these emotions are called ‘states’. Humans constantly experience states. Somebody criticises us, and bang, we can go into an upset state. Somebody praises us and we go into a ‘feel good’ state. States are usually created in 2 main ways – one is by reacting to an outside incident. The other is by having thoughts about things.

You may have noticed when you stammer, or when you think about stammering, you usually feel a negative emotion inside you. This could be fear, worry, anxiety or nervousness. These are all in the language of NLP, known as states. The great thing about NLP is that a big portion of the field is about developing new empowering states, to replace disempowering ones. You can create new states to help you with your stammering.

Here’s one simple way.

Next time you find yourself experiencing a negative emotion such as anxiety, do the following:

1. Remember a time when you felt confident or happy. Just allow yourself to really fully experience this, right from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Allow any images to come into your mind about your confident or happy situation. Just notice how it feels in different parts of your body. Just allow this ‘state’ to permeate throughout your whole body.

2. Next, amplify the state from step 1. If you need to, imagine turning the dial on a DVD player, which you use to increase its volume. In a similar way, increase your confident or happy state.

3. Once you’re confident or happy state is real high, now apply this state to the emotion you had earlier. So, if you experienced anxiety, just allow your confident or happy state to completely layer on top of the anxiety.

4. Finally, notice how your anxiety has been changed. For instance, you might now feel less anxiety or none at all.

With the above steps you’ve just learnt a way to change your emotions for the better. Use it whenever you’re feeling down or stuck to quickly change the way you feel in a positive way.

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