Any problem you might be experiencing needs time to exist. If you think about a situation you went through previously and it troubles you now, you have entered the realms of time; namely in the past.

On the other hand, if you’re worrying about an upcoming event you might find yourself in, then again you have entered into time, which in this case is the future.

Both the past and the future exist in your mind and hence, time also exists in your mind.

You can cease creating problems associated with time through being in the present moment. However, there are also a number of techniques you can use from the area of time-lining, which is a branch of NLP.

Check out the tips below and play around with your concept of time, in order to create positive changes in your life. The following are best done when you’re sitting alone in a quiet place:

1. Go back to the problematic event

Are you facing a difficulty in your personal or professional life at this moment? Well, the chances are this isn’t the first time you’re experiencing such a challenge.

Use your imagination to go back to the earliest occurrence of when you experienced the same problem. It might even be when you were a kid. Next, consider what states you needed back then when you had this experience which would have helped you deal with it better. Maybe it was confidence, or assertiveness or love.

Whatever it is, use your ability to access those states now (either through remembering a time when you had the same experience or act as if you had it). Once you feel the emotions strongly in your body, give them to that younger you.

As you do, notice how that younger you changes for the better.

2. Go back to before you were born

Before you were born you were in your mother’s womb. At this point you were full of infinite potential and had no sense of any problems or struggles.

You can you use your imagination to go back to this time before you were born. You can experience the sense of there being endless possibilities to be the person you want to be, who has the ability to do wonderful things in the world.

As you do, consider how you want to construct the perfect you. Think of all the qualities you want to give to this amazing you (maybe its increased performance, happiness, assertiveness, leadership etc.).

Allow yourself to experience these qualities and as you begin to feel them powerfully, using your imagination, move up through time, as a child, a young person, a young adult and fully grown adult until the present moment, having these qualities through each stage of your life.

Next, look out into the future and notice how your life improves when you act from the position of your ideal self.

3. Creating a brighter future

Is the challenge you’re facing something that hasn’t happened yet? Are you seeing a picture of yourself in your mind that is less than what you really want? If so, what resources would help you to make the future you much more empowered?

If it’s confidence you need, then use your ability to imagine and feel to experience a state of confidence now, and then give this confidence to that future you.

If its safety you want, then experience safety now. When you feel it powerfully, apply it to the future you, so that you experience a more secure future.


Bodenhamer, B. G & Hall, L. M, 1998. Adventures with Time Lines. Meta Publications: California.

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