I don't deserve to be happy

Really? Who told you don’t deserve to be happy?

“No one.”

No one? Then who is saying you don’t deserve to be happy?

“I’m telling myself.”

You’re telling yourself? How exactly are you doing this?

“I feel depressed and an inner voice says I can’t be happy.”

Oh right, so you feel depressed and you tell yourself you can’t be happy? What is your tone like when you tell yourself you can’t be happy?”

“It’s angry.”

I see. how about if you changed the tone to sound like Goofy?

“What? That’s crazy!”

Try it. Tell yourself I don’t deserve to be happy using the tonality of Goofy.

“Ha ha, that’s really weird!”

Great. How do you feel now.

“Much better. It’s great to be able to laugh at myself.”


The purpose of the dialogue above?

To demonstrate, that in the same way you can make yourself feel bad, you can also make yourself feel better.

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