Is it the American Way?

I stumbled across a really good blog by a lady called Katherine Preston. Katherine¬† is a person who stutters from the UK who now happens to live in New York. Her post is about she was recently feeling a bit home sick. The post really is worth reading and if you’re a Brit living abroad, you’ll be able to relate to it. She writes about certain aspects that are inherently British such as our National Health Service and having a pint in a country pub. Mind you, unfortunately, so many of these are closing down these days.

Anyway… As I was reading, it reminded me of my experiences with America and American people. I love the States, the people, and every time I’ve travelled there I’ve had a great time. However, one thing I’ve noticed, which up until I had experienced it myself, I would have a called a huge generalisation (and I guess it still is to certain extent), is that I find American people to be far more vocal, confident and louder compared to us Brits! I discussed this once when I was a PhD student some years back with fellow student who was from the States. She confirmed this to be the case too! However, she did say that usually in school, the kid who would be more shy than the others would find life more difficult than the more confident pupils, because there were a lot of them.

Well it made me think, that if this were true, then how much more difficult would life be for a kid who stammers growing up in the States? Would it make life even more harder? It would be good if some of our friends across the pond could shed some light on this…

  1. Hiten, Katherine is a great person and very open about her stuttering. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at a Friends conference two years ago, and subsequently had her on as a guest on my podcast. If you have never listened to her, please tune in to this episode – she is great, and we have a lot of fun laughing about some of the things we do when stuttering.

    Don’t you just love how global we get to be with our stuttering experiences?


    1. Pam, thanks for your comment and for sharing the link to your podcast show. I’m going to listen to it this weekend!

      You’re 100% right. It’s amazing just how global we can be with our stuttering! Equally, at the same time, I’m thinking how fascinating it is, that the world is just so small now.

      With the Internet, the stuttering community is global but very local as well.

      What do you reckon?

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