“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

~ Christian D. Larson

Today I’m delighted to do the official blog launch of my eBook entitled Job Interview Confidence: Replacing Anxiety with Self-Belief.

Let’s face it. Job interviews are important. They are a part of life, and something most of us will experience at least once in our lives and many will experience a number of times.

However, they are also one of those life experiences, which can be one of the most anxious.

Why do job interviews create so much anxiety?

Below are some of the reasons why you can get into a real unhelpful state about job interviews:

1. They are a situation where your past working history can potentially get scrutinised, and you fear this.

2. You might stammer and worry you’re going to struggle to speak during the interview.

3. You’re asked questions about yourself, and the prospect of this makes you anxious. On that note, isn’t it strange how when it comes to talking about ourselves, an area where we know more than anyone else, we suddenly become so self-conscious?

4. You may be concerned you don’t know what questions the interviewers will ask you.

5. Similar to the point above, you’re not sure whether your answers will be ones, which the interviewers believes to be good.

6. You get concerned that if you don’t get the job you are being interviewed for, you won’t get another.

7. You might not have all skills required for the job, and you think the interviewers will take this as signs of weaknesses.

The falseness of our thoughts and beliefs about job interviews

There is some good news about all these scary thoughts and beliefs you may have about job interviews.

Yes, you did read right. I said good news.

The good news is that they are false. Yes, I said it. They are all wrong. The only truth in them, is that you have allowed them to be true, until now…

Let’s explore this further with the seven points above and look at each one with an alternative perspective. There is one condition though. You have to give yourself permission to do so. Else it isn’t going to work.

Why we do not have to get anxious about job interviews

1. Rather than seeing a job interview as a situation where your past working history is examined, it can instead be an opportunity for you to learn to present your background in the best possible light.

2. Yes, you might stammer during the interview. However, it is most likely the interviewers will fumble on their words a little, too.

3. When you’re in relaxed environment, people ask you questions about yourself and you answer fine. Is an interview situation really all that different? You’re probably going to say “of course it is”. However, I will challenge this point. Remember, it is only different, if you allow it to be.

4. Sure, you can’t be sure what the interviewer is going to ask you. However, how different is this to your interviewers not knowing what you’re going to ask them at the end of the interview, when it’s your turn to ask some posers?

5. About your answers not being good enough, is it really worth worrying so much about an answer which one person in the world might think is the best and another might believe is the craziest they’ve ever heard? Focus on being the best you can, and not on how you’re not good enough. ‘Not being good enough’ is probably the biggest lie a person can tell themselves.

6. If you don’t get a job interview, then have no fear. Another 10 interviews are around the corner. And yes, I’m happy to say this, even in these difficult economic times and periods of austerity. Opportunity is always there for the one who is willing to open their eyes to see it.

7. Having every skill required in the job description doesn’t guarantee a person will get a job. It’s the person who performs the best on the day and matches what the employer is looking for, who gets the job.

My New eBook

My new eBook is the first in an NLP series for people who stammer, to deal with those key situations in life, where stammering can be a problem. The first one is all about dealing with the anxiety of job interviews and replacing negative beliefs about your ability to take them, with empowering ones.

Hey, judging by the reviews I’ve been getting so far, you don’t need to be a person who stammers to benefit from the eBook.

Anyone who is finding job interviews a challenge can benefit.

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