I was taking a look at an excellent blog by Life Coach Tim Brown. I was agreeing a lot with his approach to coaching. I then saw a title of one of his post’s called 7 Reasons To Avoid Meditation, and I thought wait a minute, this might be something we disagree on here, especially as I’ve had real life changing experiences myself with meditation!

Needless to say the title of Tim’s post wasn’t about why one should avoid meditating at all. In fact, it was in response to a general concerns and issues a person might have when contemplating whether to meditate or not. The sign of a good blogger I might add, but I digress…

Tim addressed one issue, which I’ve also had multiple people tell me when I’ve recommended that they meditate, which is that “I fall asleep”!

When people say this, it is with a lack of understanding of what meditation is all about. As Tim says meditation is active and not passive. One is learning to observe the contents of the mind (i.e. thoughts, emotions and sensations) without becoming attached to them. When one gets into this properly, they realise there is no sleeping or relaxing involved.

Of course, the benefit of meditating is that you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a meditation sitting.