This post is part two in the three part series on NLP Presuppositions. If you haven’t read part one, you can do so here.

So, let’s get straight onto some more powerful concepts, ideas and beliefs that can help you in your daily life:

7. We can model excellence, and even genius, if we break the tasks into small enough chunks. If someone can do something, then it’s a human possibility

This is one powerful belief.

Let’s consider it for a moment. By being able to model excellence, we can truly observe those people who have completed activities, tasks and achieved goals, which we may also want to accomplish.

We can break down into small bites what they do internally in terms of their thoughts and beliefs. We can model and replicate what they see, hear and feel in their thoughts.

We can model and repeat the self-talk they say to themselves and the beliefs they layer onto themselves.

Now by doing the above, doesn’t it just totally shatter into pieces the belief that we can’t do what we want to, because we’re not good enough?

I believe it does.

8. Mind-body are part of the same system and influence each other

Our minds-and-bodies are connected. There’s no other way about it.

You can experience this for yourself.

Just think of a happy experience you had previously. Really imagine it vividly. Do you now feel good inside your body? You’ve just witnessed how the mind impacts the body.

You can try this out the other way too.

If you go for a good workout at the gym, or even take a brisk walk, your mind will be clear and refreshed. In this case you used your body to impact you mind.

This mind-body connection is extremely powerful for making change in your lives.

Think and cultivate positive, happy, empowering and resourceful thoughts and your body will support you in your endeavours.

On a similar note, by taking care of your body through eating the right foods and getting plenty of sleep and exercise, means the mind will be in a good shape to continue developing and living wholesomely.

9. It’s always better to have choice, than the lack of choice

This is one attitude I have personally internalised. I’ve taught myself to look for choices by default.

How could this belief help you in your life?

Are you at the moment experiencing a lack of abundance in your life, because you’re not seeing the choices you have right in front of you?

If so, for whatever problem you are experiencing a lack of choice in, physically get a pen and piece of paper and write down ten ways that you can overcome the problem.

The choices are always there. Of course, they might not always be apparent. Doing something as simple as writing, can help us see the abundance which is there.

10. We add to choices in NLP, we don’t take choices away

How amazing is this one! What a powerful assumption to live by.

The whole NLP model, whether used for achieving excellence or for overcoming emotional problems is about increasing choices.

This is one of the reasons why NLP is such a helpful tool to life coaches, executive coaches and therapists.

11. Since memory and imagination use the same neurological circuits as external sensory awareness, they can powerfully influence our development

I really experienced this truth about this after I read Dr Maxwell Maltz’s amazing book Psycho-Cybernetics.

I was due to give a presentation at a leadership training course I was attending in my mid-twenties. I practiced and practiced giving a powerful and charismatic speech using my imagination. I vividly saw myself speaking confidently, with ease and authority. And then I stepped into myself, so that I was looking out of my own eyes giving this presentation with true grace.

And it worked. I scored a high mark and members of the audience told me afterwards how they really enjoyed it.

What this means is we don’t always have to have experienced behaving in a desired way in the ‘real world’ for it to become real.

Our mind-bodies will process what we have imagined and remembered like it is happening ‘for real’ anyway.

Therefore using your imagination and memory can be a very powerful way to enable personal transformation.

12. People are more than their actions, words, emotions, roles etc.

This belief allows us to see ourselves beyond what we do, say, feel and the roles we play in life.

It allows us to do the very same thing with other people.

By understanding this concept, we can forgive ourselves and others for mistakes. We free ourselves of limiting labels we might be calling ourselves, because we are more than this.

We are always more than our actions, words, emotions and roles.

For me personally, when I think of myself as a spiritual being, this is more powerful than what I will ever say or do. These other things become stuff of the ego, which for me can never be the real me.

Part two of this three part series on the NLP Presuppositions is complete. Stay tuned for the final one coming soon!

Photo Credit: Melody Cambell

Editor’s Note: This article was first published on in December 2012.