My experiences with Stuttering Mentor so far

I’ve now had Stuttering Mentor sessions with a number of you. I just wanted to use this post as an opportunity to briefly reflect on my experiences.

I’ve felt I’ve been able to help positively all those I’ve coached thus far, some more so than others. This in itself has been tremendously rewarding. The interesting thing has been to witness how different coaching approaches work for different people. Some of you have had a very clear idea of the situation you wanted to work on, and this is what we’ve done. For others, we started off with a particular situation, but this led to other areas, which needed to be addressed first.

By talking, listening and watching, I’ve seen people access their deepest inner strength and resources, and apply these to problems associated with stuttering.

It’s been a wonderful experience and extremely exciting to see such positive growth and change in people.

I look forward to coaching more of you in the future.

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