If you’re having a tough time in life right now, then new opportunities might not be clearly apparent. Usually, it is difficult to see beyond the current problem you’re facing. However, the opportunities are still there. They are usually hidden until you consciously make the effort to find them, or someone might help you see them.

Let’s say you’ve been stammering a lot during sales calls at work. You might be feeling pretty down about this. However, you can still sit in a quiet room alone, and make as many cold calls you need, to build up your confidence and refine your pitch. This is the opportunity. It might have taken a little time to figure it out. No big deal.

The thing about opportunities are, they are only as a good as they are made the most of. You still need to reach out and make the most of the opportunity in front of you.

There is always tomorrow. But you are still living in this particular moment, right here. Make the most of the opportunities you have right now… in fact, right this minute.


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