Reflections on loneliness

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One thing I’ve noticed about myself over the past couple of years is, that if I’m leading the hosting of an event, then I’m very keen on ensuring that all the guests are feeling included and no one is feeling lonely.

I will go out of my way to make sure this isn’t the case, in any event I suppose. If someone is alone or a couple of people seem a bit lost in a environment, then I will go over and talk with them.

I’m thinking this goes back to when I was younger, and I used to be extremely lonely because of my stammering. How many of you can relate to this one?

  1. Well Said,
    We have grown up with loneliness due to Stammering..Better to put up we don’t put us i those situation where people will be more!!
    Hence, when we gets some opportunity like tht.. we try to make sure others are not alone in the group or they don’t feel sad..

    1. Tanoy, it definitely goes back to not wanting others to experience what we did!

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. I do relate. One really understands the impact of being alone – either due to withdrawing oneself or other people keeping us out. In addition, I understand what it feels like when someone makes me feel included or when someone approaches me when I am alone in a group environment. In the end, deep down, we are all social beings. Sometimes our past experiences can make us better and understanding people.

  3. Obim, thanks for your comment.

    I totally agree with what you’re saying. The difficult experiences we have as people who stammer, are the very things we can use in a positive way to help other people.

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